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December 25, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald


December 18, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Dave, Mak, Katie, Jim, Jason, Ron, Thor, Nate, Alex, Grumpy, Ian, Jeremy, Justin, Jay, Richard, Chris, Ben, Jason, Adam, A Michael, Colin 0


  • should be charge to run?
    • $10 is fair


  • MB Hydro needs a $300 deposit
  • Electrician to quote for 2 circuits in the kitchen

Occupancy permit

  • Justin to create plans


  • meetings on the 25th and the 1st cancelled

December 11, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Colin 0, Nick, Ian, Adrian, Jay, Dave, Colin 2, Mak, Jason, Justin, Courtney, Thor, Twitch


  • 3 month buffer is covered
  • income is not so goof
  • Jay and Grumpy are working on a program to figure out membership dues


  • Internet is good, VOI will give us a dish
  • front door needs new wiring
    • and to be painted


  • getting quotes for circuits

December 4, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Courtney, Ric, Ian, Kenny, Thor, Jim, Mark J, Marcel, Colin 2, Mak, Justin, A Michael, Adam, Miko

Storage for projects

  • use metal racks
  • or beige cabinet


  • will be tagged with a date for removal if it is not claimed
  • Ian will be in charge of tagging


  • Mark Jenkins created a wiki page for stuff not at the space that people might be interested in using
  • We are going to remove some work stations so there is more desk space
  • 2 desks will be for private use for members who pay extra
  • GameJam WILL be at the space

November 27, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Courtney wasn't there

November 20, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Courtney wasn't there

November 13, 2012 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: A Michael, Ian, Jay, Ron, Grumpy, Katie, Mak, Marcel, Ric, Jason, Jim, Siu, Kenny, Mark J, Thor, Justin, Ben, Colin 2, Alex, Lynn, Scottie, Adrian, Dave


  • Ron, Alex, Mak, Jay, Jeremy, Richard, Colin 2
  • was 24hrs
  • 189 teams, we places 11th


  • get your stuff out!


  • upstairs door won't lock
  • Noble quoted $500 to fix

November 6, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

(Awesome Michael took notes)

17 to 0 in favour of student memberships. ($40/month regular, and $20/month for full-time students.)

Kenny wants to organize SkullSpace excursions to all the cons. He will lead us in that respect, for now.

For the move at the end of the month, take all your stuff out now and then just bring it all back after the move.

Ron: "The more junk you bring to the new space, the better, because it pisses of Justin and that's funny."

Wiki page with list of assets to keep or toss:

The 23rd is the day to have all your stuff out. At that time, we'll be keeping things or throwing them out on whim, so if there are extra things they'll find themselves in the garbage by the end of that week.

Our projected numbers for the Donald space are pessimistic, in that they don't include new members, and optimistic, in that they assume each member's pledge will hold. We can do it within a reasonable doubt.

13 Members present were for moving forward with Justin's plan.

Requirements for people renting desks? Just need a lockable desk with room for a chair. We probably won't build walls around them.

There's an advertising space where we can put up something informational. We can hang something in the window, too.

We can't screw anything into the walls, but we've got plans to make movable wall-like partitions between spaces that can stand on their own. There are electrical outlets at regular distances along the walls, so it won't be hard to get all the power we'll need.

Katie, Mak's wife, is our newest member. Hi, Katie!

October 30, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Mak, Nate, Marcel, Mark, Alex, Kenny, Ian, Grumpy, Ron, Courtney, Lynn, G. Mike, A Michael, Alex, Jeremy, Jay, Thor, Mark J, Colin, Gord, Colin 2, Justin, Jason, Dave, Colin 0, Ben, Ric, Richard, Siu

New members

  • Gord and Richard are applying

Meme Dinner

  • We made $200


  • we need power
  • Jay and Ian to donate power


  • Nov 16-18
  • table is $50
    • comes with 2 passes

We are Legion

  • group viewing on Nov 8th


  • Nov 17th
  • Mak, Alex and Jay


  • Tell Siu if something is broken

Lease (see Courtney for details)

October 23, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Grumpy, G Mike, Ron, Courtney, Mak, Nate, A Michael, Kenny, Justin, Mark J, Jason, Thor, Ric, Alex, Siu, Theo, Colin, Jay, Adrian, Dave

Conflict of interest

  • Justin is an AW member so he is stepping back from negotiations
  • Courtney and Jay are taking over


  • (see Courtney for details)
  • we decided to leave


  • Justin to conduct and publish results

October 16, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: A Michael, Jay, Courtney, Grumpy, Adrian, Mark J, Ron, Justin, G. Mike, Thor, Jason, Colin 0, Colin 2, Marcel, Mark C, Alex, Ric, Ben, Siu


  • rent to members?
    • insurance?

Membership Tiers

  • we are one of the cheapest
  • student rate?
    • or sponsor a student
  • pay more if you can
  • I love Sksp membership
    • give money for no privileges
    • or don't have to pay for events


  • should we have a members only mailing list
  • we can afford lease but nothing else
  • we don't have time to get donations, we should get a loan


  • Unbust a Cap tomorrow
  • Meme dinner
  • C4 (talk to Jay)
  • Jimcon

October 9, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Dave, Ric, Justin, Siu, Kenny, Ron, Alex, G Mike, A Michael, Thor, Courtney Colin 0

Remco meeting

  • tomorrow
  • asking for a $500 reduction
  • and 6 months notice to only apply if the building is sold


  • give to AW for Ramp Up?
  • rent out?
  • need to remove the arcade machines


  • 14 people went
  • Alex was embarrassed by the space

October 2, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

(Awesome Michael took notes)


  • Saturday, at 7:00, colin2 will teach people how to use privacy tools.

October Hackathon

  • would have the charity build-a-thon.
  • AMichael will try to plan the meme dinner inside that hackathon. What's a good time for supper? (Don’t forget to RSVP)


  • Jake and the landlord came down today, and Jake showed them around to show them how CRAPPY the space is!
  • We might be able to pick up the Hydro costs entirely for ourselves and ask for a reduction in the lease price.
  • Cre8ery's power would be totally split off of our panel, and we'd get some metering in.
  • It's a better situation than how it was.


  • We apparently have a ComicCon table!
  • It's also apparently free, if we can get volunteers to set up and tear down.
  • We have the whole table next to AssentWorks.
  • (Sometime in November)


  • Everyone bickered about cleaning for a while.
  • We should give people gold stickers!
  • And we shouldn't give anyone anything.
  • We planned on getting an outside cleaner just for the bathrooms (no-one wants to do that)
  • We have new cleany sheets on the fridge where we can record what we've done and keep track of what we should do. Everyone should try to do one or two things on that list every month
  • Colin0 went on strike by planking. Overall, people were bored by the conversation
  • Nothing was really decided about cleaning the bathrooms. Dave said he'd do it.

September 25, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

  • anyone take notes?

September 18, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Colin 0, Ric, Jay, Siu, Marcel, Ron, Jason, Craig, Jeremy, Michael, Thor, Alex, Justin, Courtney, Colin 2, Mark J

Open Chaos Night

  • need to contact those who came
  • need pamphlets
  • Colin will order pizza next time
  • pizza was $100
  • made $60 in donations
  • the drinks weren't cold

Clean up

  • we need to go through and organize stuff
  • the lower tables will go in the computer room


  • we don't want the empty spool
  • Colin and Siu are fixing the server room

September 11, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Colin 2, Mark J, Marcel, Thor, Justin, Chris, Jay, Jason, Dave, A Michael, Ron, Courtney, Ric, Alex, Colin 0


  • Justin will keep us updated
  • Dues cover expenses, if we have to pick up hydro we don't have much


  • is next Monday at 7pm

Comic Con

  • in November
  • We have a table
  • need shirts, stickers pens?


  • needs to be organized
  • to be done Saturday during the Hackathon


  • On Software Freedom Day
  • We will have a bug squash

Sept 04, 2012 - 18h00 at 125 Adelaide

  • G. Mike informed me that ‘herps’ were required in the notes, Dave countered that I could only ‘herp’ after a ‘derp’.
  • Budget sheets passed out printed on fourth generation recycled materials.
  • Discussion of lease/renovations: Renovations on hold until the lease is firmly in place.
  • Problems with the lease – the landlord wants us to take over the entire electrical bill. Negotiations are ongoing. The owners are considering our lease offer as invalid because it says it says ‘offer to lease’. The electrical bill is around $1000 for the building, estimates for our portion is around $800-$900 per month. Colin and G. Mike had a debate over what constituted a refrigeration device.
  • The minutes reflect how anal retentive G. Mike is.
  • Mark did a rundown on his budget breakdown. Ron suggested that a strike force be assigned to talk about the budget.
  • Ron asked everyone to take posters for his “OpenChaos Night”. Alex will take care of posters at RRC. Ron admitted he was lame.
  • There was a discussion of membership numbers and the facility as it pertains to the estimate.
  • Mark asked if we could all agree that a change was needed. Colin didn’t want to make a changed based on numbers he thought were off. Alex suggested hosting more events to raise membership. G. Mike suggested the problem with that was that there aren’t enough outlets to support that. Ron agrees that more events are a good idea, and wants to have more events.
  • Discussion of the AC, whether it was a good idea to run it 24/7, or put it on a timer to shut it down during non-operational hours.
  • Why do you let the guy who’s a self-professed griefer be responsible for taking the notes?
  • The final consensus on what can be done about the budget:
  • 1) Get all the money owed to us by members.
  • 2) Wait and find out what the final deal is with the lease.
  • 3) (For Jay)Get a comparison with other locations on what rent is.
  • 4) (For Justin?)Investigate grants we can possibly get.
  • 5) (For Mike)Get an electrical quote.
  • New subject: VMWare server. Mark wanted to know if a 3D workstation would be a good idea. There was enough interest to warrant continuing pursuit of the project. Mark had suggested selling the server; Alex wanted to talk to Steph before selling it. The subject was dropped. *Mark had a few conditions: Money for ram upgrades, a hard drive, and we need an admin for the computer. It will be located in the workshop (or the computer room when it’s finished).
  • The $100 monthly project fund was put on hold until the budget crisis was resolved.
  • (For Justin)Send out an email asking people to clear their items out of the dirty workroom in the north-east corner.
  • Ron suggested the option of using a crowd-source loan to enhance our storage capacity and space.
  • New topic: The elevator. Justin said the elevator is supposed to be fixed tomorrow (Sept. 5th). The elevator repair company (Winnipeg Elevator) has been called, but they forgot about it. G.Mike has suggested that he takes over the duty of calling the repair company from Remco as an option.
  • Back elevator: Colin said the building owners asked the back elevator to be disconnected.
  • (From Sue)Gentle reminder: Put stuff away after you use it.
  • Alex: Wants to put together a strike force to organize more events. Adrian is planning on music making courses. Justin offered to run a course on Eagle. Anyone with suggestions for events, or who wants to run an event, should email Alex, who’s offered to be the event coordinator.
  • Mike officially delegates the ‘event coordinator’ position to Alex Weber. Alex suggested either charging a nominal fee for talks, or suggested accepting donations for talks.
  • G.Mike – Note on renovations: Ten people doing a ten hour day could finish off renovations. He plans on doing this when it’s cooler.
  • Garbage Pickup: There is nobody picking up garbage. Take the garbage to Securis if you can. If you can’t, and a bag is full, tie it off and place it near the elevator. Food garbage should ONLY be placed in the kitchen garbage.
  • (For Ron)Make a sign saying food garbage should only go in the kitchen garbage.
  • G.Mike suggested introducing a student rate.
  • (For Alex)Make a pamphlet that lists the benefits of being a member. Plans for distributing the pamphlet; passing them out at talks, schools. Updating the wiki page, etc…
  • These notes are brought to you by the letter ‘G’ and the number 5.
  • The previous notes have been falsified. SCANDAL!!!

Sept 04, 2012 - 18h00 at 125 Adelaide

Present: Ron, Marcel, Siu, Mike/hat, Justin, Chris, Jason, Dave, Adrian, Alex, Mark, Thor, Colin, Ric

  • budget/renos: waiting for response from Remco/Landlord before advancing/making decisions
  • a number of people haven't been in sksp this summer due to being busy outdoors events
  • some members still aren't coming due to mess / electrical / heat issues, need to make our space appealing
  • openchaos: alex will poster RRC, maybe someone will do UofM, Colin will do USB. Try to do event monthly?
  • instead of arguing numbers which are guesses anyways, concentrate on making events that bring in members.
  • insulating classroom would help reduce heating/cooling costs there
  • still keep in mind that there may be other places we could lease if Adelaide becomes too expensive
  • we need a grant strike force to get organized now - money for electrical/etc would really help
  • Mark will use the old (Stef's) VM server as a workstation in the classroom. Got $50 for new VM RAM upgrade.
  • storage room: people please put their stuff in boxes, or empty unused/never touched shelves
  • if we wanted to get a 3D printer or electrical "loan", we could do crowdsource loan - some members buy and the space pays them back an amount over a few years to get ownership of it.
  • front elevator should be fixed tomorrow; unknown if Remco/Landlord will ever have the rear elevator fixed.
  • when you're planning an event please send am e-mail to Alex, he's willing to be the event coordinator
  • september hackathon will coincide with software freedom day
  • reminder that we have to bring our garbage down the street to Seccuris - please do that if needed
  • only put food garbage in kitchen garbage can so that we only have to really worry about one can
  • if there's a lot of non-members around they should be kept in the classroom, like animals
  • discussion of student memberships - usually if people can't afford $40/mo, there won't be a difference for $20/mo; also whether events should have fees to get in or suggested donations. Considering we'd rather have people coming than not, and donations at events were pretty good, keep it that way?
  • S*** said he'd do something, but he never finishing anything, so someone else do it.
  • let's have a pamphlet of member benefits so people who pass by can be encouraged to join.

August 28, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Present: Justin, Mark, Jay, Kenny, Jason, Mike, Thor, Siu, Colin2, Alex, Marcel, Colin0

  • we have 48 members currently, but 11 aren't paid at present, 2 of which it's been 4 months
  • we were slow to send out notices of lapsed payment, hopefully that will go quicker.
  • Jay's financial update: we have $8K in the bank - $6K reserved etc = $2K spendable
  • gas bill is $52 - since we've been using about zero in the last while we need to check on it.
  • rent/electrical discussions: not posted publically, ask other members for mailinglist notes.
  • grants: Justin will spearhead a strikeforce for that. Charitable status is almost impossible as we're members-only and the "friends" price for Pitblado to make us a charity is $30K.
  • to reduce server room power usage you can migrate less-used services to the VM server.
  • elevator is still not working.
  • we need to keep doing good hackathons/etc to bring in people and donations.
  • we need to get outside signs, but can't be electrical since that requires $250/year permit.
  • reminder Justin is looking for people for the cleaning strikeforce: Marcel, Thor, Alex, RyLAN, Colin0 volunteered
  • Mike with a sometimes hat donated a small bagless vacuum.
  • Kenny will also look into a cleaning quote, although with other possible future expenses that looks unlikely.
  • Ramp-up Manitoba are having a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday)

August 21, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Andrew, Shawn, Thor, Clinton, Mak, Justin, Jay, Mike Legary, Ron, Alex, Jason, Courtney, Dave, Marcel, Mark J, Ric, Colin 2


  • Approx $5000
  • Would getting a 2nd panel be cheaper? (Justin)
  • Should we get a loan?


  • Chess tournament
  • See Ron to sign up $20


  • Mini conference in September
  • Ian to speak

August 14, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Ron, Siu, Dave, Justin, Courtney, Colin 2, Mike L,


  • Door frame is broken
  • Security is being added
  • Justin to get electrical quotes
  • Need shelves for the kitchen
  • Need to paint the kitchen


  • We need a good vacuum or a new belt for the old one
  • Ron to get quote for cleaning service


  • Elevator doesn't work
  • Don't pee in the stairwell
  • We need to get grants!!!!
  • Siu is the kitchen czarina

August 7, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Informal meeting

July 31, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Mark, Kenny, Courtney, Justin, Dave, Adrian, Siu, Thor, Jay, Clinton, Colin2, Colin0

  • pay your dues!
  • projects update: Rylaan and Mak, come here to present your projects (note Kyle is not here so it's assumed he has no complaint against Mak's Kyle-renaming project). Skullotron project is funded $100 by popular vote.

July 24, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Meeting cancelled

July 17, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Courtney, Mark C, Ron, Jay, Mike L, Colin 0, Kyle, Siu, Stef 1, Marcel, Ric, Jason, Clinton


  • Does someone want to take over promotions?
  • Once a month talk/workshop
  • We have money for door prizes


  • Insulation of roof?
  • Swimming pool?


  • Defcon is next week
  • We have room for more Daves

July 10, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Jay, Adrian, Shawn, Ron, Courtney, G. Mike, Thor, Marcel, Colin 2, Ric, Colin 0, Justin, Mark J, Clinton


  • we have $200 to spend
  • we may need to divert money from other funds
  • lights will be done when its cooler
  • Mike will talk to his boss about electrical


  • Mike L will DJ

New couch

  • Where did it come from?

July 3rd, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: marc c, alex, jay, colin, ric, courtney, thor, stef, Mark J(late)

Jon-- from IRC is here and is applying today.

Financials: will have funds for renos soon

  • report next week on end of month from June

Projects: Colin will be doing a bad capacitor repair class soon in two weeks so that we can get the capacitors needed for broken MotherBoards, etc.

Fundraising: mark jenkins isn't here, will be discussed next week

Doors: We are able to keep the doors open when people are here...

Towels: Do we clean the towels or not?

  • Various people have been cleaning them
  • Siu, Justin, Dave have washed the towels... 3 times in the last year
  • We should have a rotation to clean the towels, Courtney has volunteered herself for some washing

June 26th, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members present: Mark C, Jay, Rylaan, Courtney, Clinton, ysarro, CStanners, Th0r, ric, adrian, stef, marcel, mark j, A.Michael, kenny, craig


  • We've blown the reno budget - still have some money for supplies & the $100 handout
  • Donate money to renos, says Absent Gorgeous Mike
  • Please be very careful with the budget, says our esteemed and worthy treasurer

No one knows what's going on with the electrical

Project ideas

  • Rylaan posted an idea on the wiki

Any fundraising ideas?

  • Bring your computer, we'll fix it
    • Do it on a day when Memory Express is open so that we can buy replacement parts
  • Slushies...

Keep the place clean, dammit!

Project voting

  • Quadcopter
    • needs $$$ radio gear
    • requires $200 in total more for completion
  • Beer
    • needs $$$ for ingredients
    • requires $100 in total more for completion

Quadcopter wins with 10 votes and Beer loses with 2 votes

June 19th, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

  • Courtney wasn't there, did anyone take notes?

June 12, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Stef, Kyle, Thor, Ron, Jay, Clinton, Marcel, G Mike, Mike L, Justin, Ric, Mark J, Colin 0, Colin 2, Rylaan, Siu, Alex


  • Jay to pay insurance
  • We have no reno money
  • Made $630 gross on drinks, food
    • $300ish profit


  • Need to remove the stuff in storage
  • Walls 90% done
  • Electrical
  • Need A/C
  • We need to give notice for the stuff in the workroom
  • Table of Doom to be emptied on Saturday

June 5, 2012

Meeting cancelled, it was unneeded as we had

May 29, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Craig, Chris, Jay, Colin 0, Ron, Adrian, Junjie, Thor, A. Michael, G. Mike, Scottie, Ric, Siu, Rylaan, Stef 1, Mark J, Colin 2, Clinton


  • will be required to sign in (touchscreen)
  • members are responsible for their guests
  • guests are not allowed in the workshop
  • Siu and Stef 1 to work on a waiver for guests
  • No animals except service animals


  • To be put on the mailing list ask Ron
  • Inspection went well
  • Pyrene added more extinguishers
  • Meeting Saturday and Sunday to do walls and electrical


  • no more saving the money

Vote results

  • Bylaw 5: yes
  • Bylaw 6: no
  • Bylaw 7: rescinded
  • Policy change: Yes
  • Projects: hydroponics, quadrocopter, SkullSpace beer, VM server

May 22, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Thor, G. Mike, Mike L, Jay, Ron, Stef 1, Marcel, Clinton, Jeremy, Stef 0, Chris, Ric, Alex, Mark J, Colin 2, Siu, Colin 0, A Michael, Justin


  • Low on reno money $157


  • all electrical fixed
  • High Speed Crow is going to do an electrical inspection
  • Reno day Saturday 10am -10pm
    • will add lights and walls
  • A/C needed


  • Vote next week

VM Server

  • anyone can get an account
  • info on wiki
  • ask Mark Jenkins

Ents machines

  • to be used in a cluster
  • in lua
  • on git hub

Closing procedure

  • If you are leaving and there are people in the space you don't know, ask to see there fobs to ensure they are members

May 15, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

The meeting of mystery!

May 8, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, Dave, Jason, G. Mike, Ron, Marcel, Colin 0, Jeremy, Stef 1, A. Michael, Chris, Justin, Mark J, Ric, Siu, Mark C, Colin 2, Alex


  • We spent $280 on renos


  • Pyrene came and mounted extinguishers
  • Carpet glued down
  • AV stuff in lounge is organized (don't mess around with it)
  • Next reno day is Saturday 10am-10pm
    • Will be putting up another wall

Awesome Foundation

  • Needs a few more members

Network stuff

  • I don't know what I was writing so its probably inaccurate feel free to correct it
  • We could build a cluster system for everyone
  • or we could consolidate everything into a VM server
  • there could be potential heat and power problems
  • "Prime hunting is a waste of time." - Alex Weber

May 1, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, G Mike, Chris, Craig, A Michael, Ric, Thor, Shawn, Justin, Ron, Siu, Mark C, Dave, Phoul, Colin 0


  • We have $300 to spend on projects


  • We have doors
  • Need more walls
  • Next reno day is Saturday at noon
    • There will be a temporary server shutdown

Card Access

  • Need better strikes
  • Need fire alarm for Assent Works door in lounge


  • Siu spent $25 on parts to try and fix it


  • Justin and Thor brought books


  • Is Alive
  • Expansion planned


  • on hold


  • If you're going talk to Ron


  • Clinton is back
  • Recycle cans only
    • A can crusher is in the kitchen


  • We like the new method
  • We will have a cut off day for adding projects
  • You can vote ahead of time by using a proxy
  • We need to spend the money
    • Removing the hold the money until next month was discussed

Bylaw Amendments

  • #5 No illegal activity
  • #6 Eliminate board titles

Acceptable use policy/ Disciplinary Action Strike Force

  • To meet May 8th after the meeting
  • So far its Courtney, G.Mike, Dave, Siu and Colin


  • We want talks
  • We want interactive activities

April 24, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Ron, Jay, Mak, Shawn, Kenny, Marcel, Jeremy, Colin 0, Colin 2, Justin, Chris, Jason, G. Mike, Thor, Ben, Clinton, Ric, Mark J, A. Michael, Siu, Alex


  • Project Fund $200
  • Promotional $240
  • Renos $590
  • Tools $255 (Justin bought some tools)


  • Saturday at 10am
  • Will finish the walls that were started
  • Rearrange the server room (if Colin 0 is there)

Card Access

  • Need more detectors for the elevator
  • Card access has been added to the server room and classroom
    • They may not work yet


  • We have $200 to spend this month


  • We have 17/100ish of the scifi books


  • Alive

Recording Meetings

  • Kenny brought a camera

Touch Screen

  • They both work
  • One should be used to host a webpage


  • Who is going?

Social Networks

  • If anyone wants to help run our Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo etc contact Ron to get the password


  • Please give back your old keys if you have a fob
  • An extra key will be kept in the lock box for emergencies


  • Clinton is able to resume his duties
  • Dave may be able to help him


  • No pets are allowed in the space
  • If you see one you must ask the owner to remove it


  • Bylaw amendment 3 passes (to remove Secretary position from the board, and add Project Coordinator)
  • Bylaw amendment 4 does not pass (to change the process of handling applicants for members when existing members object)
  • Project fund has increased to $300

Computer Policy

  • A member has been discovered to be downloading pornography in the space
    • If you are aware of any incidents similar to this happening in the future please report it to a board member ASAP
  • We discussed the creation of individual logins for the SkullSpace computers and to use of the network
  • Use of SkullSpace computers to view/download illegal content, porn, hate etc. is not generally considered to be acceptable and actions may be taken against offenders to revoke their memberships (see Bylaw amendment 5)
  • Courtney is heading up a strike force to determine what acceptable computer use is at Skullspace

April 17, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Mark J, Thor, Ron, Marcel, G. Mike, Jay, Courtney, Justin, A. Michael, Adrian, Clinton, Ric, Mike L,, Colin 0, Robin, Mark, Siu, Alex


  • Are going well
  • No renos next week due to the Hackathon
  • G Mike's drill was returned


  • A list of funds available are on the wiki


  • Vote is next week


  • Talks by Les, Jim Young, Winnitron guys and Colin 0
  • Peeps contest

Tour Camp

  • Week long Hackathon while camping

Compressed Air

  • We are going to get a hose connected to AW's


  • Lettuce planted


  • A Michael will sort the books

Passport Stamp

  • A project to be done at the Hackathon
  • Ron is going to talk to Matt

April 10, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Shawn, Colin 0, Ron, Thor, Dave, Kenny, Craig, Marcel, Clinton, Jeff, G. Mike, Mike L., Rylaan, A. Michael, Siu, Chris, Ric, Mark C., Jay


  • We have money for:
    • Promotion $240 (food, press kit)
    • Renos $1040 (improvements)
    • Supplies $80 (cleaning stuff)
    • Tools $400

Bylaw Vote

  • In 2 weeks
  • If 2 members object to a new member then it will be put up to a member vote
  • Mike's role to become Project Coordinator


  • Meeting to plan on Thursday
  • Reno meeting on Saturday


  • We can't get a Home Depot grant (not tax exempt)

Card Access

  • No lock ins/outs

Broken Window

  • Thor fixed it
  • Still need hinges


  • Still alive

Cleaning Etc

  • If you fill the garbage, remove it and put a new bag in its place
  • Create a wiki for lost items
    • If anyone has seen Mike's red drill let him know

April 3, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jeremy, Shawn, Chris, Thor, Marcel, Jason, Justin 0, Colin 0, Ron, Mark J, Jay, Scottie, Siu, Kenny


  • See Colin 0 if you want to give a talk
    • So far talks are to be done by Colin 0 and Les


  • $788 in assets we can spend
  • More to follow when Jay gets the books

Frozen Food

  • We have Freezies 2 for $1
  • Should we charge based on flavor? (red being the most expensive)

Past Votes

  • Renos: yes
  • Project money: Save it for next time

Upcoming bylaw vote

  • To combine the role of VP and secretary
  • Mike would become a project coordinator
  • Change new member policy so that if there were 2 objections to a new member then the directors would decide if the person could stay


  • Kenny to look into grants from Home Depot

Awesome Foundation

  • 10 founders give $100 a month
  • They then vote on who gets the $1000


  • Still alive

March 27, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, Jeremy, Jason, Thor, G. Mike, Siu, Colin 0, Kenny, Marcel, Ron, Mak, Nate, Chris, Stef 1, Mark C, Mark j, Justin 0, Clinton, Adrian, Ben

Table of Doom

  • Has not yet been emptied

Hackathon Planning

  • Talk to Colin 0 if you want to do a talk
  • We could organize our own event for the Hackerspace Call In


  • Needs to be cleaned
  • Freezies


  • We should buy a hotplate or an electric skillet


  • Will take about 2 months
    • Saturdays will be reno days
    • Mondays and Thursdays will be cleaning and painting days

Awesome Foundation

  • Meeting on Friday at 6:00


  • 2/3 of the non-meat items are filled in
  • Need more meat recipes
  • Recipes need to be formatted so they are all the same
  • DLC, nutritional content
  • Next meeting is Friday at 6 (Bring food to the Awesome Foundation meeting)


  • Water pump sucks
  • Plants are back to pots
  • Plants are still alive

Touch Screen

  • Given to us by ENTS
  • Could be used to make a calendar kiosk
  • Only works with Windows XP


  • No Raves


  • Don't use the toilet in the shower
  • Stef's dad is going to come install it for us


  • Colin 0 will make 6 keys for the yellow door


  • Send Mak an email if you want to vote for which project gets $100
  • You can also vote to put the money on hold so that next month the budget will be $200

March 20, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, Jeremy, Jason, Thor, Shawn, G. Mike, Siu, Colin 0, Kenny, Marcel, Ron, Dave, Scottie

Broken Furniture

  • Black couch legs are being replaced with wheels
  • Chair foot rest is being welded back on
  • Wheel all the things
    • We should put wheels on the furniture to make it easier to move around


  • At the last Hackathon some of the presenters didn't show up
    • Some people didn't know where the food was
  • The next Hackathon needs to be organized earlier
  • We have a $60 promotion budget that we can use to buy food, put up posters etc

Frozen Food

  • Burritos are $1
  • Pizzas are $2
  • Jamaican Patties are $2
  • If you have any requests email admin@
    • We already know you want Freezies


  • Clean up your mess!!!!!!!!!


  • Justin is going to mail out the plans
    • We are getting rid of one wall
    • We are adding two new walls
  • We will vote on the plans next week

Card Access

  • It has been two weeks without any lock outs/ins
  • Colin 0 is ordering more strikes
  • We will have a new door in 3 weeks to add the strike to
  • It will cost about $150 to add sensors to the elevator to make them open from the inside


  • Plants are still alive

Missing Items

  • We are missing items from SkullSpace if you have them please return them no questions asked
    • 100ft HDMI cable
    • Fume extractor
  • If you took an item home from SkullSpace that you are unsure about please let us know
  • We are going to buy an engraver to label our stuff

Table of Doom

  • Is going to be cleared on March 21st.

March 13, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, Jeremy, Jason, Justin 0, Justin 2, Shawn, Colin 0, Marcel, Ron, Thor, G. Mike, Mark J, Clinton, Kenny, Stef 1, Siu, Dustin, Dave

Project Funding

  • Most projects are over $100
  • You may have to come up with the rest of the money or look into other funding (Awesome Foundation, etc.)
  • There will be a vote at the end of the month to decide whose project we will fund


  • Plan is to expand workshop from unused space in the lounge
  • This will create a dirt work area
  • The war room will be used as a LAN / Game room
  • The vote will be at the last meeting of the month

Card Access

  • No one was locked out (or in) this week!
  • We will soon have more doors with card access (waiting for parts)


  • Meetings on Fridays


  • Need to make modifications to current system
  • Current 75% survival rate

Mak's C Course

  • Is on Sundays


  • We took 1.4 tons to the dump
  • Cost $60


  • Clean up your mess!!!!!!!!!!
  • All projects left on the work bench will be placed on the Table of Doom

Bingo / Grants

  • Waiting for reno list

Fire exits

  • We are getting a professional to install them
  • Justin 0 and Colin 0 are going to talk to Legary

Recording Meetings

  • We are going to get a camera to record meetings
    • It will only be on during meetings
  • We will also get a microphone so everyone can hear
  • Shawn is taking care of everything, contact him if you want to help


  • This Saturday
  • We will have speakers
  • Bring food for the bake sale
  • We might get pizza, chinese food, or something else for dinner


  • Scottie has a freezer he will sell to us for $50
  • We can use it to sell frozen foods
  • Freezies


  • Siu brought us a fan for the lounge

March 7, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jay, G. Mike, Ron, Marcel, Jason W, Kenny, Justin 0, Justin 1, Stef 0, Stef 1, Hiking Pete, Shawn, Colin 0, Colin 2, Jeff 2, Craig, Alex, Mark, Thor, Mike L, Siu, Dave

Election Results

  • President: Ron
  • Vice President: Courtney
  • Treasurer: Jay
  • Secretary: G Mike (Title to be changed)
  • Ops Manager: Justin

Possible Bylaw Change

  • Secretary's roles to be transferred to the Vice President
  • Change Mike's position to something more suited to what he is good at
  • Mike is going to look at the emails we sent him and come up with something

Awesome Foundation

  • Gives people money for projects
  • Jay is going to look into this

Project Funding

  • Post your projects on the wiki
  • At the end of the month we will vote on what projects to give money to
  • Create a list of projects that we want to do but have no leader for

Responsibilities of Directors

  • We are compiling a list for each on the wiki

Card Access

  • Works (for now)


  • Mike is coming up with a list of renos that need to be done


  • We need to decide what to do with the back room
  • There was a discussion after the meeting
    • Jay is compiling the ideas with the highest votes

Fire Exits

  • We are getting fire alarms and emergency lighting

Recording Meetings

  • We might get a wireless USB webcam and a hand held microphone


  • We will use Mike's trailer for the rest of the garbage

February 28, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jeremy, Thor, G. Mike, Mak, Stef 1, Justin, Alex, Ron, Marcel, Colin 2, Andrew, Dustin, Siu, Jay, Dave, Craig, Stef 0, Tina, Jason W, Kenny, Nate, Shawn, Colin 0, Chris, Dan S, Ben, Ric, Nick, Walter, Matt


  • Most of our money was spent on rent and renovations
    • Other large expenses were the rent buffer and insurance
  • 68% of our income came from dues
    • 27% from donations and the rest was sales etc
  • The budget is on discuss
    • The majority of our budget is for rent and renovations


  • $100 a month for a project
  • Project that will get the money is to be voted on at the end of the month

President's Report

  • Founded Dec 30th
  • Met for 6 months to discuss plans
  • Moved in to a place in June
  • Renovated
  • We currently have 53 members
  • We are the biggest hacker space in Canada in terms of floorspace and members

Cook Book

  • Meet on Fridays
  • About 1/8th finished
  • Will be out in time for next year's code camp


  • Meets on Fridays
  • Trying the window farm concept with a light bulb
  • Its not in the bathroom


  • Mike is looking into plans for the war room
    • A multipurpose room
    • and a games room for a 16 person game with a removable wall to make two smaller rooms
  • Still need to take care of lights, carpet, heaters

C Course

  • Mak is teaching it
  • Starts this Sunday 2-4:30, 4:30-6 for questions/help
  • For beginners

Clean Up

  • Justin is in charge
  • So far we are renting a U Haul to take to the dump this Saturday
  • Justin Shawn and Dustin have volunteered to move stuff

Card Access

  • Downstairs door is acting up
    • Press the doorbell to reset it
  • Saturday upgrades will be made to elevator (sensors)

Election Results

  • President Ron
  • Vice President Courtney
  • Treasurer Jay
  • Secretary Mike
  • Ops Manager Justin

February 21, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Jeremy, Thor, G. Mike, Mak, Jeff, Stef 1, Justin, Alex, Ron, Marcel, Colin 2, Andrew, Eric, Dustin, Siu, Jay, Dave


  • In one week!!
  • Vote is for a new board and a bylaw amendment
  • Nominees are: Ron (incumbent), Courtney (incumbent), Justin (incumbent), Adrian, Chris B, Jay, Siu, G. Mike
  • You can vote in person at the AGM
    • or give your code to someone to vote as your proxy
    • or email Mak your vote (he will be your proxy)


  • G. Mike is coming up with different ideas for the back room
    • Could be game rooms and LAN room
    • Will be put up to a vote
  • We are trying to make a deal with Assent Works (Mike, Mak, Justin will talk to Kerry)
  • Phase balancing is going to be done tomorrow
    • There may be power interruptions


  • We have lots
  • Make sure you label your stuff or it could get thrown out
  • We are going to ask Mike to borrow his trailer/ get a quote from 1-800-got junk/ MAk knows a guy
  • Clinton broke his leg :(
    • Clean up your mess (you should be doing this anyway)
    • If anyone wants to take over Clinton's duties temporarily let me know
    • If not we will need voluteers/tolds to break up the work

Card Access

  • Systems were bought waiting for them to come in


  • Jay to pick a date for the strike force
  • Possible projects
    • Bathroom
    • Carpet

Fire Exits

  • Mike L is looking into getting someone to come install one


  • Need to build shelves
  • Courtney to bring in mini green houses

Cook Book

  • meeting on Friday

February 7, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Clinton, Jeremy, Chris B, Justin 2, Kenny, Mike L, Jason W, Alex, Jeff 2, Mak, Stef, Thor, Ron, Andrew, Justin, Colin 0, G. Mike, Siu


  • In 3 weeks on Feb 28th


  • We have 50 of them


  • Get your fobs from Colin
  • There have been some problems with the front door staying open
    • It will be fixed tomorrow

Game Jam

  • Was a success
  • Need more wifi access points
  • Need more tables
  • Need more extension cords and power bars
  • If we can figure out how to host a LAN party we should have everything we need for the next Game Jam

Code Camp

  • Andrew and Ron are giving talks
  • If you want to give a talk contact Ron


  • We might be able to create a shared workspace with Assent Works
    • Or we could buy a business membership for $1200
    • If we do either we wont need a dirty room
    • Assent Works would share our painting room
  • We might need to buy more doors
    • Kenny says we should check ReStore
  • We are going to buy panels on Ebay for the doors
  • Renos are on hold until Mike is back
  • We have a fire pull needs to be installed (Colin 0)


  • Gardening and Cook Book meeting are on Friday at 7
  • Shelf is to be built in the kitchen for the garden
  • Bingo/Grant needs a budget for submission
    • Wait until we see Jay

January 31, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Andrew, Chris B, Mak, Shawn, Jeremy, Justin 2, Justin 0, Stef 1, Russ, Jay, Gary, Thor, Stef 2, Ron, G. Mike, Adrian, Rylaan, Jeff 2, Dave, Clinton, Jason W, Colin 0, Kerry, Randal Siu, Scottie, Walter


  • Your key to the yellow door no longer works
  • Please contact Colin 0 to get a fob
  • Key box (for emergencies/electrical problems only) is in the kitchen
  • Directors need a key to the electrical room, and to the 3rd floor door
  • The doors are not coming so we need to buy them
  • Locks have a 12 hour battery back up
  • We need a panic button so no one gets trapped in the space in an emergency (Colin is going to talk to Legary)


  • Has been signed by SkullSpace and Assent Works

Game Jam

  • This Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • We need to clean
  • Colin says the network is good
  • We might need extension cords
  • 2 circuits should be enough

Code Camp

  • On February 25th
  • We might be able to get our own track
  • If you want to do a talk contact Ron

Bylaw Amendment

  • Add the ability to create officers appointed by directors
  • Add the ability to delegate

Voting Policy

  • We need a proper way to vote

Router (the wood kind)

  • We are going to buy a plunge router and table


  • There is a possibility of us sharing a space and tools with AssentWorks
  • Need to figure out the insurance
  • We would use the storage space if we do this
    • That frees up the War Room for a different use
  • Mike is going to create a new plan for the war room


  • Need to know if were breaking even/making a profit with the drinks (Andrew)
  • How are we splitting the gas with Assent Works


  • With Manitoba Lotteries
  • Need volunteers
    • So far we have Shawn, Jay, Justin, Adrian, Ron, Gary and Clinton
    • Courtney is looking into filling out the forms


  • War Room is on hold until after Game Jam and shared space agreement


  • Can be put in the kitchen (not the bathroom)

Cook All the Things

  • Next meeting is Feb 10th at 7
  • We are testing recipes
  • If you want to help look at the wiki page and put your name down for a recipe


  • We have plastic to put over them
  • We decided to wait until next winter

Door Bells

  • Can be moved
  • Colin is going to take care of moving them and wiring them


  • To me used for meetings, talks etc
  • Shawn is going to look into doing it and what we need

January 25, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Andrew, Courtney, Kenny, Chris B, Clinton, Jeff, Jeremy, Shawn, Stef 0, Tweek, Jason, Justin 0, Justin 2, Mak, Marcel, G. Mike, Jay, Ron, Hiking Pete, Thor, Colin 0, Colin 2, Mike L, Dave, Siu, Walter, Scottie


  • See email sent to discuss for more details
  • Budget assumes we have 45 members
  • $21000 in income
  • Half is going to rent and gas
  • $2000 is for insurance
  • $700 is to be added to our buffer
  • $700 for promotion
  • $1200 is for project subsidies
  • $1200 is for a tool fund
  • $4500 is for renos


  • Waiting for the third document
  • Is signed


  • Finish the war room
    • We need to insulate the back wall
    • Will cost around $500
    • We can start this Saturday
  • Electrical
    • Need to balance the phases

Game Jam

  • Colin is setting up switches
  • Legary is providing back up internet from Seccuris

Card Access

  • Fobs are ready
  • Front door will cost $300-$1000
    • To be split between AssentWorks and SkullSpace
    • Pay $500 to G Mike's work and they will donate the rest

Inventor TV Show

  • See discuss for email
  • If you are and inventor and want to be on a Dragon's Den style show fill out the application


  • We need to set up a subscription service with PayPal for dues
  • Everyone who owes money should have received an email

Cook Book

  • 1 recipe per meme
  • Different hardness levels for the recipe
  • Mak will create a subgroup and sent out a meetifyr email

January 17, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Andrew, Courtney, Thor, Ron, Marcel, Craig, Jay, Mak, Dave, Chris, Shawn, Justin, G. Mike, Adrian, Colin 0, Jason, Clinton, Walter, Siu, Mike L, Colin 2

Lease/ Electrical

  • Electrician says we are close to overload
  • Solutions are:
    • Take the Cre8ery off
    • Balance phases
  • We are getting a quote for two options
    • Move Cre8ery to basement power
    • Create a new phase for the Cre8ery
  • Justin needs to look into the elevator license


  • Vote results are:
    • 3 for hiring Enviro Clean
    • 4 for using volunteers
    • 20 for hiring Clinton
  • It was decided that we are going to hire Clinton

Bylaw Amendment

  • We are considering an amendment to out bylaws
  • We would appoint officers to do certain duties in exchange for fees
    • ex. Clinton as cleaner and G. Mike as "Lord of Construction"
  • If there were multiple people who wanted the position it will be put up to a vote
  • Also to be noted:
    • There will be an AGM in June
    • 5 directors will be elected and amongst themselves they will decide their positions.

Card Access

  • Card access is now available for the 3rd floor door
    • See Colin 0 of Justin to get one
    • You must turn in your 3rd floor key

Membership Dues

  • Membership dues are still due on the 15th of the month
  • We now will only accept dues in multiples of $40 ($40, $80 $120 etc)
  • If you have not paid on the 15th we will send you a reminder
  • If you have not paid by the 1st we will lock you out


  • CJOB is looking for people to discuss Bitcoins
  • Contact Ron if interested

Meme Cookbook

  • Interested members are Shawn, Walter, Thor, Nate and Ron (G. Mike said that Jeff would also be interested)

Member Projects

  • There is currently a group hydroponics project being created in the space
  • Do we want to help fund the project and future group projects?

January 10, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Nick, Andrew, Courtney, G. Mike, Jeff, Justin 0, Justin 2, Craig, Jay, Jeremy, Siu, Thor, Ron, Gary, Chris B, Kenny, Matt, Shawn, Alex, Clinton, Colin 2, Scottie


  • We have $3000 over our 3 month buffer


  • Change 5 years to 3 years
  • Lease is $18,000 per year or $1,500 per month
  • Still has the 6 month clause (used to be 8? Justin to check)
  • Hydro is included but not gas
  • Justin is to get gas prices
  • Lease allows us to get swipe cards
  • Ask about roof access and signs

Budget meeting

  • TBD
  • Jay to put meeting time to a vote

Card Access

  • Justin is going to talk to Mike
  • If you have a key, you will get card access at no charge
  • Colin 0 is going look after the system


  • This Saturday we are removing garbage
  • We are having an online vote to decide about cleaning duties
    • Clinton to clean for $40
    • Hire a cleaning company for $160
    • or volunteers

January 3, 2012 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Jay, Clinton, Jeff, Jason, Courtney, Thor, Colin 0, Stef, Ron, Chris K, Matt, Chris B, G Mike, Mike L, Siu


  • Remco is writing up a new lease for us
    • The rent is going up $200 per month
    • We have to pay the gas bill
    • Justin will email the lease to discuss when he gets it


  • Meeting after we get the lease


  • Finish back room
  • Lights
  • Kitchen
    • If someone has kitchen cabinets to donate, we will take them
  • Card access in Assentworks is almost finished


  • Should be done every 2 weeks
    • and before hackathons