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Dec 10th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • RuCTFE
    • Attack/Defend Capture-the-Flag challenge
    • Starts at 4am on Saturday
    • Talk to Phoul for more information
  • Routers
    • Our router collection has been distributed to various good homes
    • If you need help with your new router, Sean Cody offered his skills to the group
  • CDC
    • We had Red Team training last weekend and it went well!
    • We're looking forward to the event
  • Coderetreat
    • We are hosting Coderetreat at SkullSpace this weekend!
    • Some members are meeting up on Thursday to prepare for the event
  • New IP address range
    • SkullSpace is migrating to a new IP address range
    • If you have a server, talk to Colin about moving it
  • Board game day
    • We have a board game day on Sunday!
    • It went well, lots of people came out
  • SkullSpace's Anniversary
    • December 7th marks SkullSpace's third anniversary
  • Financial update
    • We will have a financial update prepared for next meeting
    • We will discuss plans for renovating the space
  • 6 week course in (blank)
    • Mark's partner will be teaching a course for a nominal fee
    • Reply to the mailing list post to vote for the course you want

Dec 3rd, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • Annual cleaning
    • Monday, January 13th, we will have a cleaner come in
  • Minecraft server
    • We have a semi-official Minecraft server!
    • Talk to Mak or Dave Curry for details
  • Bitcoin endowment
    • We were liquidating
    • We have a 5GH/s mining operaton
    • We took all of the Bitcoin we still had and split the secret key in a 2-of-3 scheme
    • If you want to donate Bitcoin to SkullSpace, ask Ian, Alex, or Mark for the address
  • Men's washroom
    • The bolts on the toilet came loose
    • Ian will talk to the landlord about getting a plumber in
  • Game day
    • Sunday, December 8th
    • Everyone is welcome
  • Code Retreat
    • SkullSpace will be hosting Coderetreat!
    • Saturday, December 14th from 9-5 in the classroom
  • CDC
    • Planning for 20 teams
    • This weekend, Red Team training from 9:30am to 11:30am on Saturday
    • The actual event is February 20th, 2014
  • Computers for Schools
    • We have a new member who works for Computers for Schools
    • Instead of throwing out PCs, email discuss@ first!

Nov 26th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ian, Jason, Phoul, Mark, Twitch, Marcel, Brian, Brittany, Ben, Michael, Ric, Colin, Thor, Stef

  • CDC bud spud and steak tomorrow, 27th
    • $25 at the door
  • 30th Linux sec. session with Alex
    • peek at CDC challenges
  • Residence perm. update
    • Colin will call emergency system folks
  • SkSp BTC
    • holding all future BTC
  • Annual purge coming up
    • table of doom coming back
    • last call for Cisco routers
  • Welcome to the board Brittany!

Nov 19th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Awesome Michael, Sean, Stefan, Thor, Jeremy, Ron, Phoul, Jason, Courtney, Brian, Marcel, Colin, Jared?, Mak, Katie

  • BSidesWpg last weekend
    • Park Theater next year?
    • videos going up shortly
    • overall, was awesome and will be more awesome next year
  • Ron leaving for the Google
    • going away party Friday - King's Head
    • successor? Mak? Brittany?
      • board vote, may ask membership for input
    • will email announce
  • CDC Bud spud and steak fundraiser next week, 27th, King's Head

November 12th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Minutes are absent.

Nov 5th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • BSides Winnipeg
    • Not this weekend, but next weekend
  • C4
    • Next to AssentWorks on the Second Floor
    • signage was very out-of-sight
    • Lots of people that have heard of us
  • No more rogue DHCP server

Oct 29th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • C4
    • We're going to spend $50 to pay for our five "50% off" tickets, so we can send five more volunteers at no cost
    • Set up is this Thursday from 10am-5pm and 5pm-midnight
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • We're totally sold out
    • Nothing really new
    • The CTF was announced
  • CDC
    • Linux workshop will be after BSides Winnipeg
  • Emergency exit
    • The fire escape now has a "panic bar"
    • Be careful not to lock yourself out!
  • Getting up to code
    • We need to have a release on the front door
    • We need to clean up some wiring messes
    • We're close!
  • Ron's going away party
    • November 22nd
    • The King's Head

October 22, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Ron, Rylaan, Brian, Aemil, Edwin, Siu, Daniel, AMichael, Nishan, Thor, Ric, Stef, Marcel

  • C4
    • The first of November
    • We need labor in exchange for the table
  • BSides
    • A month away
    • The CTF is becoming awesome
    • At 7, the doors open to the public so come party if you don't have a ticket
  • CDC
    • Bud Spud and Steak fundraiser
    • Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 from 4pm to 7pm
    • 2nd floor, King's Head, 120 King Street
    • $25
  • SkullSpace user guide
    • Ian and Siu have put together a first go at a SkullSpace user guide
    • Please mark up your copy and return to Ian if you find problems or have suggestions
  • 3D printer
    • It broke while Ric was using it
    • Thor cut new glass to replace the broken bed, and it's working again
    • Please get people to show you how to use it, if you plan to use it.
  • Ron's going away party
    • Ron got a job at Google!
    • 22nd of November, King's Head
  • Siu ordered business cards
    • They should be here before Comic Con

Oct 15th, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ron, Nathan, Dave, Ben, Alex, Phoul, A. Mike, Jason, Ian, Thor, Stefan, Jay

  • 1 year in new space
    • wall building party
  • C4
    • need display stuff - the more blinky the better
    • about membership
    • need brochures and/or cards
  • SkullSpace web stuff has been moved to SkullSpace and GitHub
    • ask if you want access
    • forum coming
  • CDC
    • lots of stuff going on
  • BSides coming up
    • tickets sold out
    • CTF will be available for those without tickets... probably
  • What to do when people are drinking behind the building
    • Downtown Biz, Cadets, 311
  • 3D printer works, finicky
    • if you haven't been to 3D printer night recently, work with someone who has
  • Lost Bitcoins retrieved!

Oct 8, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ron, Ian, Daniel, Courtney, Thor, Sean, Kenny, Ben, Adrian, Brian, Ric, Chris, Stef, Alex, AMichael, Colin, Dave

  • Comic Con
    • November 1st - 3rd
    • We have a table, but we need to provide labour in exchange
    • Setting up October 31st ???
  • Occupancy permit
    • Getting locks on the fire escape door
    • Disconnect on the front door
    • If we get an occupancy permit, we *might* get to have a liquor permit too!
    • Ideally we could have liquor sales at CTF meetups and/or hackathons
  • Cisco equipment
    • We had a sudden outbreak of Cisco 1800s, 1700s, and 800s from the WSD1
    • 800's have the full feature set of IOS
  • Octopi employees
    • Russ and Daniel
    • They're doing their practicums with Octopi and using SkullSpace as office spa
  • CDC
    • Doing presentations for schools and training things
    • We're doing >18 teams next time
  • Parking in the back lane
    • Don't do it anymore!
    • It's going to likely turn in to a loading zone
  • BSidesWpg
    • It's coming up
  • Strikeforce Blade
    • As we go forward and get more members, we'll need to put our surplus money to
    • Considering replacing the servers we have with a blade enclosure

Oct 1, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Jay, Courtney, Ron, Phoul, Sean, DrWest, Marcel, Mak, Katie, AMichael, Brian, Thor, Dave, CStanners, Stef

  • C4
    • We have a booth
    • We get a booth in exchange for labour
    • We need cool projects to put on the table
  • Ron is retiring as a director
    • He got a job at Google!
    • Mak will be taking over until the next election
  • Cryptoparty
    • We had a bunch of people RSVP and a few of them actually showed up
    • Did some key signing, got to meet some new people

Sept 24, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Meeting was cancelled.

Reason: Lack of board members to chair the meeting

Sept 17, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Brittany, Ron, Ed, DrWest, Stef, Ian, Grumpy, Aemil, AMichael, Thor, Ben, Adrian, Phoul, Jeremy, Sean

  • Social
    • Things went well
    • Manager was really happy
    • We're missing the 50-foot quad-plug cable
    • We made about $3300 dollars gross, not including alcohol expenses
    • Hacker Jeopardy
      • The software kind of worked
      • It was an adventure
    • Money for the social is earmarked for improvements to the space
    • We have lots of left over stuff that's gone to the space
    • Remaining alcohol needs to be/will be returned
  • Getting up to code
    • Some little electrical work
    • Testing the fire stuff
    • Panic bar
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • We sold all our tickets! (~120 people)
  • Thursday is Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  • Cryptoparty
    • Starts at 7, goes til whenever
    • Alex and Phoul will be teaching privacy/secure communication tools: GnuPG, Tor, and OTR
    • It will be lots of hands-on, let's-actually-get-this-stuff-working time
    • There might be food
    • RSVP to
  • CDC
    • Call for volunteers will be happening soonish
    • Talk to Ian or Alex if you're interested in making high school kids cry

Sept 10, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Brittany, CStanners, Dave, Robert, Stef, Colin, Alex Ian, Ben, Courtney, Mak, AMichael, Brad, Thor

  • Social
    • Only a few days! (Friday this week)
    • Sold about half our tickets and a lot of people that want to buy at the door
    • If you can come at about 5pm on Friday to help, that would be great
    • We've broken even already
    • We've got a few DJs
    • We've got Hacker Jeopardy
    • Get in contact with Brittany to help coordinate
  • Canadian Cyber-Defence Challenge
    • February 2014
    • More information will follow on discuss

Sept 3, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • Anti-social
    • You can get tickets from Brittany!
    • ~80 tickets sold already
    • We have actual liquor!
      • Half Pints order is in the works
      • A few bottles of Jagermeister
    • We have *legal* DJs!
    • We will have a GameCube and other things!
    • Hacker Jeopardy
    • We need more prizes
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • We have sold over 75 "general admission" tickets
    • Over 90 attendees registered
    • We have less than 25 tickets left!
  • Comic Con
    • We're going to try and get a table
    • We need projects to show off at the booth to make us look cool
  • CDC
    • Executive meeting on September 4th
    • Technical meeting on September 9th
    • If you're interested in building virtual machines with vulnerabilities or putting together fun cryptography and forensics challenges for high-school students, talk to Alex, Ian, or Phoul
  • Bitcoin Mining
    • We've made $150 already
    • We're generating about $300 every 5 weeks

Aug 27, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Molly, Ron, Rob, Courtney, Jay, Brian, Thor, Marcel, Nishan, Adrian, Colin S, Phoul, Mark, Ian, Brittany, Ric, Awesome Michael, Sui, Dave

  • Events
    • Anti-Social
      • Social tickets available $10 - ask Brittary
        • BitCoin accepted
      • Looking for social prizes
        • Bar fridge being donated
      • Volunteers needed
      • Pizza proposed - other ideas?
    • BSides
      • Buy tickets online or from one of the organizers
  • Meetings
    • Alternate meetings out like our pre-space days
    • Project nights (eg. work or project Euler together)
    • Ingress/geocaching after meeting
    • Show and tell

Aug 20, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Member's present: Arthur, Ron, Walltiger, Stef, Ian, Grump, Alex, Jay, Ric, Jason, Sean, CStanners, Rocky, AMichael, Adrian, Jeremy, Richard, Brittany, Thor

  • SkullCamp
    • It went well
    • Lots of people bailed at the last minute
    • There was a CTF
    • We had a bunch of glowsticks
    • We set off fireworks
  • Anti-social
    • September 13th
    • Focusing on games and trivia, rather than dancing
    • There will be prizes!
      • Recording time at a studio
      • Things from Wilderness supply
      • Photo shoots
    • Talk to Brittany if you want tickets
    • Tickets are $10
    • Drinks are $4
    • We need about 6 volunteers
    • If you can help source some prizes, talk to Brittany
  • Jay's Birthday
    • Solid Gold on Friday night!
    • Everyone from SkullSpace is invited

Aug 13, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Meeting notes are missing.

Reason: catastrophic failure of secretary's computer shortly after minutes were recorded.

Aug 06, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • Justin is leaving soon!
    • Saturday, Kings Head, 8pm is his going away party
    • Booking a table
  • DefCon
    • /The/ hacker conference
    • A bunch of SkullSpace members went this year
    • Not just information security - lots of general hacking stuff
      • Lockpicking
      • Defeating tamper-protection things (seals on evidence bags, etc.)
      • Maintaining privacy and anonymity, freedom of press, etc.
    • Enormous conference
    • Many people submit talks, so the quality of talks is usually very good
  • T Shirts
    • There are some Accuvant, SkullSpace, and DefCon t-shirts on the table
    • The SkullSpace t-shirts are $20, the Accuvant and DefCon t-shirts are free
  • SkullCamp
    • We're camping out near St. Malo at a huge piece of land that Ian owns
    • Paintball target range
    • Geocaching / riddles / crypto / etc
    • It's $40 per person
    • We want about 50 people to come, and we only have 7 people signed up
    • Send email

July 30, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Meeting was cancelled.

Reason: A large majority of the directors (and a number of members) were in Las Vegas for DefCon and BSidesLV

July 23, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ian, Ben, Jay, Brittany, Ric, Phoul, Stefan, Colin, Justin, Courtney, Thor, Richard, Robert, Kevin

3D printer

  • weekend print failed
  • work being done after meeting

Member inclusion

  • project box (Arduino)
  • larger projects (b-sides, camping, etc)


  • got plenty of presentation submissions, accepted ones announced soon


  • 7ish members going


  • advertising coming soon
  • 3rd weekend in August (Sat & Sun)
  • room for 50 people
  • fund-raiser and fun
  • activities
    • geocaching
    • paintball
    • booze
    • movie night
    • breakfast provided


  • tickets here soon (for sale after DefCon)
  • help with social prizes appreciated
  • looking for some sound system stuff and setup
  • DJs


  • no volunteers
    • could get a delivery service?

10 Gb LAN

  • lots of stuff was downloaded
  • games were played

Fringe Fest

July 16, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Jeremy, Jay, Stef, Grump, Ric, Phoul, Alex, Brittany, Rylaan, Ben, Richard, Courtney, Justin, Ron, Ian, Clinton

  • New people!
    • Brendan
    • Jacob
    • Sean
    • Robert
  • Justin's movie night
    • Friday!
    • People are ordering pizza
    • Starting at 8pm
    • Watching "The Holy Mountain"
    • Justin hopes that someone will take it over
    • 2 weeks!
    • Once in a lifetime experience, every year but next year is cancelled.
    • 15,000 hacker-types (infosec, telecom, hobbyists, government, etc)
    • Giant rave wrapped in a hacker conference (privacy, infosec, etc)
    • Lots of parties (EFF, Mozilla, etc)
    • Talk to Ian or Ron if you need convincing :)
    • Ron, Ian, Brittany, Richard, Colin, Sean are going
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • Free food for some meals
    • Two days long
    • Lots of cool talks already
    • You should submit! Checkout
    • GET INFO
  • Skullcamp
    • August 17th and 18th
    • Capped at 50 attendees
    • Using Ian's property - it's an awesome, huge farm
    • No RVs, campers, fifth-wheels - tents only.
    • Some cool events planned - more will be talked about when it's ready
  • Antisocial
    • Attendee and backer tickets
    • Prizes like video games and Magic! cards
    • GET DATE also geocaching?
  • LES.NET Hackaton
    • Hackathon at LES.NET, starting at noon (130 Portage)
    • LES.NET has a 10Gb pipe now!
    • Plug directly in and see who can generate the most traffic

July 9, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

  • 3D Printer
    • Ben and Stef will have a date picked for next meeting to offer training to people
  • Cameras
    • The landlord wants more camera coverage
    • Colin is going to follow up and implement
  • Jeremy is doing the books
    • Will not have a financial update for another month or so
  • Coffee maker
    • Ron brought in a single-cup coffee maker
    • It's not set up - feel free to set it up
    • Grumpy donated some K-Cups (?) to get us started
    • Will act as another revenue stream for Skullspace
  • hackathon
    • Bringing in a 10Gb link - download as much as you can in X hours, winner gets a prize
  • Skullcamp
    • Aug 17th and 18th
    • First meeting is after the Skullspace meeting - more details next week
    • Talk to Richard for more information
  • Antisocial
    • September 13th
    • We still need a DJ
    • We're planning for a hacker-jeapordy-style event (a la DefCon)
    • Talk to Brittany for more information
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • Our Call for Presentations has been extended to the 22nd of July
      • We have a preference for local speakers
      • Your talk doesn't have to be "ready to present" to be submitted - just give us a vague idea and be ready when the conference rolls around
    • BSides Winnipeg is a free Winnipeg information security conference put on by some Skullspace members
    • Talk to Ron, Alex, or Mak for more information
  • Cyber Defence Challenge
    • Next big event is on November the 15th, right next to BSides Winnipeg
    • September and October will be meetings with teachers to talk about what students learn, the tech behind the competitions, and more
  • Justin's last movie night
    • July 19th
    • Showing "The Holy Mountain" (yes, featuring The Temple of a Thousand Testicles)

July 2, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

  • $400 payment paid to Hydro
  • Monthly $180 for hydro estimate
  • Call for papers B-Sides Winnipeg has been extended
    • reach out to team if interested
  • Marnie is down for people to meet PeopleFirst
    • IT recruitment
    • Process:
      • candidate focused
      • probably won't cost anything
      • free the second time if it does not work out
    • she wil hopefully join Skullspace as a member/recruiter
    • occasional short emails advertising jobs
  • Chris and Brittany offering a tour of the stadium
    • possible tour of Human Rights Museum
    • Chris will talk about the bomber stadium infastructure at b-sides
  • Venue is booked for social
    • Sir John Franklin venue
    • September 13th
    • 2 Floors (talks and games on one, dancing on another)
    • looking for DJs (Jay will take care of it) (possibly Jason Kahn)
    • Ian will be getting tickets (ready in ~2 weeks)
    • support tickets(not coming but want to help) and event tickets
    • ~$1600 for event
    • projects for social prizes would be appreciated
    • internet may be provided by Colin (French)
    • may bring arcade machines if return trip is planned
    • Colin will evaluate the infastructure
    • possible dessert table (call for desserts)
    • graphic designer will make ads
  • Makerfair Brandon
    • in Brandon
    • July 26-28
    • conflicts with defcon
    • Colin (French) has room for 3-4
    • Colin will post to discuss with details
  • 10Gb pipeline party
    • July 27
    • find your huge downloads
    • stress test his system
  • Camp-a-thon
    • August 16-18
    • strike force will be coming up with events
  • Infastructure Update
    • nothing broken lately
    • camera webpage needs configuration
    • door needs some fixing
    • rear door will get strike and panic bar
  • Financial Books
    • Jeremy is doing books
  • Lots of new people here today

June 25, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ian, Marcel, Siu, Ben, Mike, Richard, Jay, Dave, Brittany

Magic the Gathering - 20 people (good turn out despite not being the only MTG tournament at the time) - good fundraising - in the future, needs more promotion - quarterly/bi-annual tournaments? - next in Fall?

Camping weekend - food, booze, explosives - venue secured - 3rd weekend in August (16th-18th?) - not exclusive to members (perhaps fee for non members?)

Social - Sept 13th? - $895/night - bar tenders, coffee, pop, ice - $200 down - venue options - John Franklin - dance floor and quieter area (with games?) - 228 ppl - Deer Lodge Community Center - only loud dancing area - liquer license - $100 for liquer license - membership list - just the board? - board member has to apply - cook book food to help with selling the cookbook? - benefit tickets vs attendance tickets - grand opening was at King's Head

July 20th hackathon - - downloading contest - generate the most traffic possible

CDC - Sept. 9th - Sisler event for students and teachers - Oct. 25th - Winnipeg Tech for student and teachers - looking for 15-20 min security talks - Nov. 15 - next CDC event - looking for CTF challenges - Kerry and Ian doing a roadtrip to promote CDC, BSides, SkullSpace - could use help

BSides - Nov. 16-17 - noon-7pm - King's Head

Electrical - servers - $45 - drink machine - $30? - fridge + freezer - $30 - AC - keep at/above 25C when present - turn up to 30C when no one here - open window at night to cool space - keep drapes closed during the day - light drapes at back would be good - Ian is taking pics of the meter regularly, will submit the readings every month

Recon - hardware stuff, software stuff, hacking stuff, pwning dns tables - Richard can give details on the talks - FPGA hardware fuzzing device - 3 for the space to use

DefCon - no official plans

Awesome Day in Canada this Thursday (June 27) - old market square - starting 1pm - 6:30pm

Sports oriented video dance party/social this weekend, community center at Confusion Corner - run by IHDN - Northern Communications Initiative - - Winnipeg Sun

June 18, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ian, Thor, Richard, Ric, Courtney, Brittany, Jeremy, Phoul, Siu, David, Scottie, Awesome Mike

Social - no quotes yet, should have by next week - Ness: cheap, space for 250, have to get some stuff together ourselves - looking for volunteers

June Hackathon - it was great - some new people - was not recorded - stuff from sharkfest will be up

Magic Tournament - someone needs to take over from Brittany - Meako might be voluntold

Electrical consumption - servers cost almost double the drink machine - Ian will call in the reading next month to avoid estimates

Camping trip - location booked - strike force needs to meet

Grants (bingo?) - need to be for non-recurring costs - might not be happening anymore

Booster Juice Vouchers - $5 - Winnipeg Square and U of W only

Finances - Ian posted current situation details to discuss - NEED TO RECRUIT! - fund-raising is important, but short term fix - 44 members, target is 58 full-equivalents

Awesome Day (Awesome Foundation) - June 27 - Canada awesome day - snacks and previous recipients talking

June 11, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Minutes are absent.

June 4, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Meeting cancelled, due to unavoidable absences of multiple directors.

May 28, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Brittany, Siu, Ian, Ron, Phoul, Grumpy, Richard, Alex Courtney, Walltiger, Ben, Clinton, CStanners

  • We got a surround sound system! Don't mess with it please
  • Skull-o-tron is here!
  • This coming Friday is work-from-SkullSpace day!

May 21, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Marcel, Courtney, David, Ben, Stef, Jim, Jay, Mak, Brittany, Justin, Jeremy, Ayecee, Ron, Thor, AMichael, Phoul, Jason West, Ian, Alex, Twitch, Meako

  • Electrical improvements
    • We need plates in a few places, and a few other things
    • We're basically done!
  • Fire code updates to the space
    • Hardware for panic bar is here, but not installed yet
    • Working on figuring out what needs to be done for the front door
  • Last Hackathon
    • Approximately $200-$300 in donations
    • Talks went well, many people showed up
    • We recorded the talks and are slowly putting them online at
  • Keycon
    • A science fiction convention at the Radisson that happened last weekend
    • Nothing skullspacey happened
  • BaseLAN
    • Lots of people showed up
    • Gave out lots of flyers
    • Sold two shirts
    • Lots of people knew about us ("My friend has been telling me about it")
  • Sisler High students
    • Sisler High wants to work out a membership agreement with us so they can have students use the space
  • 3D printer
    • We know how much power it uses now!
  • Skullotron
    • Still MIA!
    • Dave & Nate are in charge of picking it up.
  • Ian purchased a new sound receiver
    • Justin is going to set everything up
    • Please don't mess it up
  • CDC
    • November 15th is the next big event
    • We're doing a mobile challenge
    • If you feel like coming up with a challenge (a virtual machine to secure or a forensics challenge), contact Alex!
  • Defcon Quals and CTF stuff
    • We're competing!
    • We're still working on the CTF training stuff. It's coming, talk to Mak or Ron.

May 14, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Adrian, Stef, Jay, Ron, Ben, David, Phoul, Grumpy, Marcel, Thor, AMichael, Alex, CStanners, Courtney, Justin, Jeremy, Clinton, Brittany, Ric, Ian

  • Redbull Flugtag
    • We design something that can fly into the water, and if Redbull likes it, they will sponsor the building of it
    • We have a kit, so we can participate!
    • Talk to Jay or Ron if you want to participate
  • CDC
    • Huge success, lots and lots of support from SkullSpace
    • The students had a great time
    • No serious technical issues
  • Finances
    • Our monthly organizational loss has been reduced by a third
    • The high visibility of the CDC will hopefully boost membership
    • Octopi Managed Services will be renting a desk during the summer for $100 a month
    • 22 months before we are in the red
  • Big expenses
    • $245 for door unlocking software
    • $280 for 400 new SkullSpace pamphlets from Kwik Kopy
    • $310 to reimburse Nate for more drinks
  • Electrical
    • Bingo fundraiser is being moved forward by Siu
    • We have some other things we need
    • If you want to get some stuff, get costs to Siu or Ian
  • Skull-o-Tron
    • It's at RRC
    • Nate is following up on Wednesday
  • 3D printer
    • The 3D printer prints!
    • A more complicated print either warps without the fan, or lifts off the bed with, so we need to insulate the bed so it warms up more
    • Going to work out how much things cost and start getting people trained
    • Costs to purchase filament about $0.06 per gram
    • Considering about a 200-300% markup for filament so we can grow our stock
    • Keeping failed prints so that we can possibly melt them down to filament
  • Arrested Development Marathon
    • It comes out May 26th
    • We are all going to convene the following day and watch it together
  • Shopping list on the wiki:
    • If you have a vehicle or it's convenient, check out the list and pick up some stuff on your next shopping trip - you will be reimbursed
    • Costco memberships are $55 a year for non-profits
  • Winnipeg PC User's Group
    • Wants to use the space for meetings
    • We have told them they can
  • Less-used Languages Hackathon
    • John Bate from the U of M will be introducing
    • Mak, Alex, and Jay are talking
    • Free pizza will be provided, but *please* consider a donation if you want pizza
  • BaseLan
    • We have not heard from the member that was supposed to represent SkullSpace there
    • Thor will be trying to get in touch and will be representing if nothing else

May 07, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Grumpy, Phoul, Thor, Justin, Courtney, Jay, Colin, Dave?, Twitch, Ric, Brittany, Jeremy, Ron, Rylaan, Ben, Micheal, Zewwy

  • No financial report
  • New internet connection - IPv6 + ~20mb/s symmetrical
  • Work from SkullSpace day - First Friday of every month
  • Ron was not excellent to Grumpy
  • CDC @ RRC this Saturday
  • Toilets - fix it or let directors know
  • Epic poem by Adrian Stoness should go on bathroom wall
  • Adrian will read his poem next week during the meeting
  • C-Dawg says only emergency poops at the space
  • Shopping list
    • Google spread sheet
      • populate if stuff is needed
      • buy if you can
  • Hackathon - unusual/esoteric programming languages
    • Speakers
      • John Bates
      • Jay
      • Mak
    • pizza
  • 3D printer - no update
  • Parts store - no update
  • IT Recruiter - try to find one to pay us to post listings
  • Member Skills on the wiki

April 30, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Thor, Jeremy, Ric, Justin, Phoul, Ian, Brian, Stefan, Colin, Courtney, Ron, Ben

  • Parts store
    • nothing new
  • Printer
    • working, needs fine tuning and pricing
  • Electrical
    • new contractor, waiting for quote
  • CCDC
    • Volunteers needed for May 11
    • May 1 - basic Win admin training
    • May 4 - walkthrough/test run

New record shortest meeting - 3 min!

April 23, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Ben, Phoul, Clinton, Alex, Thor, Stefan, Jeremy, Justin, AMichael Siu, Adrian, Ric, Nate, Matt, Mark Jenkins, Marcelle, Ian, CStanners, Courtney, Grumpy

  • Capture-the-Flag
    • Participated in PlaidCTF 2013 as team Night Danger
    • 24th place of 300 scoring teams (900 teams total)
    • Had a lot of people come out to help
  • 3D Printer
    • Still working on it
    • Nothing's broken
    • Optimistically, we will be printing in a few days
  • Solarbotics, Seedfun and Sparkfun
    • Approved us as resellers
    • Minimum $250 dollar order for Sparkfun
    • If we put our orders together we can get a discount
  • Parts Store
    • There will be a seperate donation box
    • If you start paying for things, we can 'bootstrap' the store and start getting more stuff in
  • Kreytor
    • Crowd-funding and curating site for research, books, and other media
    • Talk to Ric for more information
  • Bingo
    • Ian's getting a quote for electrical stuff
    • Need a financial statement
    • We need the information to make an application
  • Electrical
    • We have a guy coming in to give us another quote
    • Don't unplug the black cord on the right wall of the kitchen
  • CDC
    • 28th of April is the final test
    • 11th of May is the big event at RRC
      • We need people to staff this
      • In excess of 50 kids
    • Moving the rehearsal to the 4th of May
  • Cleaning
    • We need to clean more
    • Justin hired Clinton to do the bathrooms once a month
    • CStanners has a shelf to put the cleaning stuff in the bathroom, for ease of use
  • Community First
    • This weekend, they are running an electronic music production workshop
    • Social Enterprise on Main Street
    • to register
  • Next hackathon
    • Less-popular languages hackathon
    • Lots of talks lined up already
      • Haskell
      • Forth
      • Clojure
  • Next next hackathon
    • Mark Jenkins is doing a talk and demo on the VM server
  • Marketing hackathons
    • Apparently, lots of people don't know they can just *come to a hackathon*
    • We need to do a better job of advertising the hackathons
    • We need to approach new people in the space when we see them, otherwise people run
    • We should start advertising hackathons as "Hackathon X and Open House"

April 16, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at:

Members present: AMichael, Justin, CStanners, Jeremy, Adrian, Shawn Twitch, Phoul, Grumpy, Ric, Siu, Clinton, Brittany, Dave, Ian, Meako Ron, DrWest, Stef

  • 3D printer
    • It's assembled!
    • An Allen key was not included
    • Otherwise everything is done
  • Electrical
    • Late this week or early next week they will be getting back to us
    • Between Lyon Brown's commitment and Siu's donation, the freezer/fridge wiring will be fixed up
  • Remote unlocking for the door
    • Colin is fixing
  • Bingo fundraiser
    • 4 months lead itme
    • Need at least 10 volunteers - we have 4 already
    • September time frame
  • Cleaning
    • Dirty dishes!
    • Pile of pizza boxes!
  • Hackathon and CTF and Bakesale
    • Justin is posting the Hackathon schedule for tonight
    • Justin talking about AutoCAD and EAGLE
    • Ben is talking about making PCBs
    • Robert Elms is talking about their new equipment
      • Stef might talk about 3D printer
    • Capture the flag!
      • Friday til 4 til Sunday til 4
    • Bakesale!
      • Bring in stuff!
      • Pay what you think it's worth
  • Next months Hackathon
    • Weird programming languages talks
    • Clojure
    • J
    • Forth
    • Haskell
  • Tool tracking system
    • Ben started working on this
    • It's on the SkullSpace GitHub account, so everyone can contribute
  • BaseLAN
    • We have the option of a table all three days
    • Talk to Shawn if you want to work the table
  • $36 for a table at RRC
  • Magic! The Gathering
    • A friend of Brittany's is doing judging training
    • We will likely end up with the gear to run events here
  • CDC
    • Next big event is the 28th, Sunday. The final beta
    • Rehearsal is the 5th, Sunday.
    • Saturday the 11th is the big event at RRC - we need people to handle 55 students

April 9, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are available at:

Member's present: Alex, Shawn, Phoul, Ric, CStanners, Jeremy, Justin, Thor, Jim, Courtney, Courtney, Grumpy, Marcel, Ben, Meako, Jay, Ron, AMichael

  • Yuri's Night
    • Apr 12th
    • Ticket's available online - $12
    • Tickets are almost sold out!
    • We have a table - can some people stand behind it a bit?
  • April 20th Hackathon
    • Plaid CTF - Friday at 4pm, 48-hours long
    • Back-sale - bring food of some kind or cook something
    • Rapid prototyping talks
      • Justin - EAGLE and AutoCAD
      • Ben - How to construct circuit boards
  • 3D printer
    • Supposed to be coming soon
    • Ben has been talking to the filament guy, lots available
  • First Aid
    • Nate is used to getting free training for community groups
    • Contact Jay for information
    • Shawn is talking to some folks that might do pro bono instruction
  • Pop-Culture Expo
    • Second day went really well
    • Mostly people came play with the uJoypad
    • Computer Science teacher came by and was interested in the CDC stuff
  • BaseLAN
    • Sold out, waiting list of 50 people - 300 people confirmed
    • BaseLAN runs for 54 hours straight
    • Confirmed that we have a table
  • CDC
    • This weekend - Saturday, the 13th of April
    • One more test - the 28th of April
    • 11th of May is the big day
  • Rotary Career Symposium
    • Ian is speaking at it
    • Going to plug SkullSpace _a lot_
  • Next Hackathon - May 18th
    • A bunch of talks about interesting programming languages
      • Alex will do Haskell
      • Jay will do Clojure
      • Mak will do Common/Emacs Lisp or Forth or something
    • If you know any interesting languages, do a talk!

April 2, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are available at:

Members present: Not available (forgot to take tally)

  • Yuri's Night
    • We're allowed to bring in LED throwies
    • Borrowing the uJoypad, NES-chuck, etc
    • If you want to put together some kind of puzzle for participants to do, talk to Nate or Alex
  • Pop Culture Expo
    • CStanners is organizing our table/showing
    • Free table (we think, Colin will confirm)
    • We need volunteers
    • Saturday Sunday, 10am - 6pm
  • First Aid
    • Nate is looking for a way to get it for free, for Skullspace
  • BaseLAN
    • May 18, 19t, 20
    • Free table all weekend, all we have to do is promote BaseLAN
    • Talk to Shawn
    • World qualifiers for Starcraft 2
  • 3D printer
    • Ben knows a guy that's selling cheap filament
    • If you want to donate some money, we can get some color variety
  • April 20th Hackathon
    • Rapid prototyping talks
    • Submit talks!

March 26, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Not available (forgot to take tally)

  • Director availability
    • Ron is gone this week and next
    • Ian is taking off at some point too
    • We are still having meetings
  • Stuff for the space
    • Low on some things, Alex will take care of
      • Doorstop
      • V8
      • Peanut butter
      • Brown paper towels
      • Dispenser
    • Nate
      • Liquid soap
  • 3D printer has shipped
    • Will be here in 6-10 days
  • SkullSpace flag
    • Ian talked to the landlord, and it's a no-go
    • We can still put something up in a window
  • Banking troubles
    • We descended upon them and got everything sorted
    • All of the directors are in the system
    • Ian got the PADs
  • SkullSpace Challenge 2.0: Meatspace Edition
    • A challenge that involves going around the city
    • A mix of geocaching and CTF - hiding USB sticks, etc
    • Talk to Nate or Alex
  • Emacs Conference
    • London, Saturday, 9:30am (4:30am here)
    • Nate and Mak are going to be streaming it at the space
  • CDC
    • ComputerWorld 2013 Honors Laureate award
    • Red River confirmed as the location for final event instead of Louis Riel center
    • 12 teams of 8 kids from all over
    • CEOs/CTOs representing fictional companies, infrastructure built around that
    • May 11th
  • Skullotron
    • Tomorrow, 3pm-5pm, moving the Skullotron
    • Only Nate and Dave, need more people
  • Tables
    • Red River tables cost $50
    • Brittany is going to see about getting us on CKUW

March 19, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Adrian, Aemilianus, Alex, Ben, Brian, CStanners, Courtney, Ian, Jason West, Jeremy, Jim, Justin, Meako, Phoul, Ron, Sean, Stef, Thor, Walltiger,

  • Friday at noon, kitchen will be fixed - let in a guy from Amos
  • CDC
    • 28th Sunday
      • Room available for 3 teams
    • 13 Saturday
      • 3 teams are coming in
    • Sisler went to Cyber Patriot
    • Former Premier asked how the team prepared, they said they prepped at SkullSpace. Good PR!
    • 11th of May, Saturday
      • Big challenge! No more beta!
      • Hosted at Red River
      • We need volunteers
  • New table of doom
    • Stuff that hasn't been labelled will go there
    • Stuff won't be thrown out, but srsly - label your stuff please
  • Ron is gone this week, Courtney is gone next week, Ian is gone at some point too
    • We will still have a meeting
  • Having problems with the bank
    • We can't tell what happens when new PADs are filled out
    • The board is going to "descend upon" them on Friday to get everything sorted out
  • Custom embroidery
    • Patches with Sksp logo
    • $3.50 for stich-on
    • $4.50 for iron-on
    • Talk to Sean
  • Table at UW
    • Tables at U of W
    • They're free!
    • Jim is going to register us for one.
  • April Hackathon
    • Hardware Freedom Day
    • The copyright/oss lawyer cannot come on Saturday
  • Secret Handshake
    • Third anniversary today!
    • Starting at the Kings Head
  • Yuri's Night
    • April 12th
    • Tickets sell out really fast
    • Tickets are available through Ticketmaster
    • Talk to Jay

March 12, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Signed minutes are at

Members present: Brittany, Thor, Ron, Brian, Jay, Courtney, Jim, Meako, Ian, Ben, Jason West, Aemilianus, Colin Stanners, Phoul, Adrian, Marcel

  • Ben is going to do a survey about the electronics lab to make it better
  • Stuff for the space (delegated to Alex)
    • Drinks are primary concern
      • Delegated to Brittany
    • Chocolate (?)
    • Garbage bags
    • $50 a year for Costco membership, something to talk about
  • CDC
    • Went very well
    • Next dates - dates that were sent out are wrong
    • We're taking a 3-week hiatus
    • May 11th (Saturday) is the big day
    • Looking at hosting it at RRC
    • Call for targets
      • Must be a VM image that works with VMware
      • Has baked-in vulnerabilities
      • Some kind of Easter egg
      • Best if it has some kind of story behind it
      • Talk to Alex if you'd like to help out
  • If you're leaving stuff here, label it
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • We have a sponsorship package
      • If you know IT companies with too much money
      • Seccuris et al has committed already
  • 3D printer
    • It's going to be shipping this week or next week
  • Tables at the college
    • No progress yet, because elections
    • In a couple of weeks we'll know more
    • Would be free at U of W
      • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday would be best
      • Delegated to Jim
  • Code Camp
    • Conference at RRC
    • We might have the opportunity for table - talk to Andrew Orr
  • Western Canada Information Security Conference (WCISC)
    • Asked if we wanted to do a table ($350)
    • Not our target market
    • High profile, we would be seen by lots of vendors
  • Skull-o-Tron retrival
    • Not done yet
    • No date for return yet
    • 3-4 people to move it
  • Yuri's Night
    • April 12th, 2013 (?)
    • Would like 2 more people
    • Brittany, Ben (tentatively), Justin are volunteering
    • Talk to Jay about volunteering
    • We would like to have a collaborative puzzle
  • Hackathon is this Saturday!
    • GO to the hackathon
    • Go club will be teaching people how to play Go
  • People who volunteered to pay extra
    • If you haven't started paying yet, please start
    • Courtney will be breaking knees

March 5, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

[secretary's note: I did not record the members present. This was an oversight. Will not happen again.]

  • New directors
    • Ron (President)
    • Ian (finances except member stuff, external liasing)
    • Ben (electronics workspace and generally making the space better)
    • A lex (taking notes [secretary's note: woot])
    • Courtney (membership, knee-breaker)
  • Varioland
    • 28th (day before Good Friday)
    • Video game rave
    • Somewhere off of Henry.
    • starts at 10pm and ends at 6am.
    • Savant is playing.
    • Tickets are approximately $35.
    • Contact: Phoul
  • Freeze Frame
    • Going well, lots of kids playing with NESchuck, Skullotron.
    • We need volunteers on Thursday.
    • No kidnapping children.
    • Contact: Nate
  • CDC
    • This Saturday, 15 kids from Sisler are coming to demo again.
    • Networking/infrastructure stuff is worked out.
    • MTS gave us $18k of stuff.
    • Chris Kluka provided blades, SAN space, lots of memory/CPU.
    • May the 10th is the real CDC event.
      • Thursday is setup day.
      • Need everybody and friends @ Louis Riel Arts and Technology Center.
    • We could use help on Saturday.
    • Last night governance met, problem: we're not an org, but we have a ton of assets. Going to incorporate CDC group.
    • Contact: Ian
  • March 16th Hackathon
    • Go Club will be here
    • Paper Airplane contest.
    • Dan Gange and some intellectual property lawyer and maybe a guy from the copyright bureau is going to come in and tell us Open Source sucks because you can't make money off of it.
    • Next regular hackathon is on April 20th.
  • BSides Winnipeg
    • November 16th to 17th at the Kingshead Pub
    • Asked for speakers? Free drinks, etc. The event will be very big.
    • We need sponsors. Dash9, Tenable, Mozilla might sponsor.
    • We will need volunteers for teardown, we will ask for volunteers closer to the date, details forthcoming.
  • Kitchen electrical fixup
    • Sonoma Electrical won the bid
    • Cost is about $275.
    • Will get us two GFI outlets, outlets will be moved, won't risk dying (from that particular outlet) anymore.
    • Contact: Ian
  • Don't leave the skillet power thing plugged in, risk of electric shock and DIAF.
  • Grants
    • AssentWorks got ~$467k for some kind of anti-child-pornography initiative [secretary's note: not sure of the name of the grant they received].
    • Mike Legary and Brittany will write up a grant application for the Western Diversification grant.
    • [secretary's note: I believe Courtney is taking point on this]
  • Defcon plans
    • More talking will be had. Plan now is to rent a Winnebago and drive it to Vegas.
    • Week long journey to incorporate BSides and Defcon.
    • We are now Defcon group 204.
    • Contact: Ian
  • Meme cookbook
    • Nate suggested we do it as a charity thing
      • Donate most of our profits to a charity.
      • Better chance getting rights for images
      • Might get free work from artists/illustrators/publishers/etc
    • Contact: Nate
  • Yuri's Night.
    • Sciencey dance party at the April 20th at the Planetarium
    • We were invited to exhibit something. It's a party, so we need a cool hands-on electronics exhibit.
    • Contact: Jay
  • Publicity / member counts
    • Brittany suggested renting table at RRC in the atrium, 11am to 1pm.
    • Jim was going to talk to U of W. it's about $50 for a table.
    • Mak delegated to talk to Jon-- about similar thing at U of M.
  • Code camp
    • We have a presence there (and even had a track).
    • If we want to get enough people together (4 or 5 people), we can do a Skullspace track again.
    • Contact: Jay or Andrew
  • 3D printer
    • no indication it's not a scam, but payment was made. It should be shipping soon.
    • Contact: Ron

February 26, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Courtney, Justin, Stef, Rylaan, Ben, Mak, Ron, Nate, Jeremy, Jason, Meako, Jim, Chris, Thor, Amelianus, Alex, A Michael, Grumpy, Phoul,, Jay, Ian, Andrew, Ric, Jenkins, Colin 0, Dmitijs, Britney, Kenny, Jeff, Siu


  • is 2 years and 3 months old!
  • we have around a dozen student members
  • we moved
  • we held PegJam
  • ordered a 3D printer
  • had the meme dinner
  • made Skullbrew (Rylaan drank most of it)
  • 8 CTF challenges

Need to

  • talk to the Yellow Dog
  • finish the cook book
  • fix the other arcade machine


  • Colin to do a presentation on installing security cameras
  • Skullchat
    • community outreach
    • Base Lan
    • B-sides
    • Comic Con
    • Code camp
    • Keycon
    • Freeze frame
    • BJD
    • CIPS
  • Skull Shield
    • Operation Sleepy Weasel
    • Talk to Nate or Ian if you're interested


  • Siu and Ian are creating a user guide to SkSp
  • we have been focussing on opportunities and meetings rather than problems!


  • most of our income is membership
    • second is donations
  • we spent more on renos than on rent
  • Assent Works will not be paying us the rent they owe us
  • We are losing money each month
  • 55 full members will make us even

Election results

  • Ron
  • Courtney
  • Ian
  • Ben
  • Alex

February 19, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Courtney, Ron, Jay, Colin 2, Jason, Justin, Ian, Aemilianus, Nate, Grumpy, Mak, Dave, A. Michael, Ric, Thor, Britney, Chris K, Colin 0, Mark J

3D Printer

  • has been ordered
  • to be shipped March 4
  • talk to Ben if you want to order filament


  • 8 people running
  • Rylaan
  • Ron
  • Jim
  • Ian
  • Alex
  • Ben
  • Courtney
  • Chris


  • Crypto Night on the 20th
  • Technapalooza on the 21st
  • Game dev night on the 23d
  • CDC on the 24th
    • talk to Nate if you are interested in getting a training seminar to talk to schools and community groups
  • AGM on the 25th
  • Freeze Frame is the week of March 4th
    • need volunteers
  • Go tournament on March 16th
  • B sides on Nov 17th

February 12, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ron, Grumpy, Mak, Ben, Alex, Stefan, Meako, Thor, Jason, Jay, Kenny, Britney, Jim, Ian, Rich, Colin 2, A Michael, Courtney

Cyber Defnse Challenge

  • Feb 14th 10am-2pm
  • at RRC on Princess
  • lots of media will be there (dress nice!)
  • Ian is giving the closing remarks


  • Jay and Nate are volunteering
  • 400 people will be there

Red Team Meeting

  • Feb 24th at SkSp
  • 10am-5pm
  • 11 students from Sisler HS
    • they placed 4th out of 100 in the Cyber Patriot Games


  • Feb 24th


  • Friday at noon until Sunday at noon


  • waiting for the 3rd quote
  • need a fundraiser to pay for it


  • brochures are finished
  • need floor plans
  • fees are due in 3 days!

February 5, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Ron, Mak, David, Jason, Meako, Grumpy, Ian,Justin, Stef, Jim, Courtney, A Mike, Colin 2, Thor, Aemilianus, Britney, Siu


  • Kevin brought in a few new members


  • at Mcphillips casino
  • we have a table
  • Nate, Ian, Jay are volunteers

Cyber Defense

  • Feb 14
  • at RRC on Princess


  • You're doing it wrong
  • Ron, Mak, Phoul and Alex giving talks
  • Feb 20

Game Dev Night

  • Feb 23


  • Feb 16
  • Go lessons

3d Printer

  • Medel Bot $1490 shipped
  • its big and fast!
  • in beta but any changes are free


  • anyone interested in starting up again?
  • talk to Siu

January 29, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Dolan

3D printer (stef and ben present)

  • We have raised $1000
  • Ultimaker is $1600, best option, most expensive (no filiment)
  • Will probably be able to raise that.
  • Ben and Stef have formed a strike force, will have decision by next week

CIPS Meeting

  • Lots of people asked about student memberships.

First Fridays


February 14th Free Cyber Security Training

  • Train the Trainer

Crypto Talks

  • Colin, Mak, Alex, Ron will be doing talks.

Game Dev

  • Four people showed up, one who was not a Sksp member

Go Workshop

  • March 16


  • Louis Riel weekend, not all going to be here for the weekend.

Ham Radio Course

Last Meeting in February

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Election
  • Bylaw changing

January 22, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald


January 15, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Courtney, A Michael, Colin 0, Colin 2, Jay, Marcel, Grumpy, Ron, Thor, Ian, Justin, Jeremy, Jim, Ric, Amelianus, Siu

Doors/Key fobs Should be finished next week

  • Do not unplug the box in the bathroom!


  • toilet out of order
    • float and flipper are broken
  • Ian will bring the parts
  • Jim will fix it

Fire safety

  • We are going to have a pretend fire inspection
  • do no obstruct the exits
  • don't store stuff where people may trip and fall
  • Justin needs to make a plan that shows the exits
  • need fire extinguishers


  • items will be disposed of in 15 days
  • we have 47 members
    • if we get 50 we will be self sustaining
    • 55 will cover electrical too
  • Linux user group wants to use our space

Jan 22

  • meeting cancelled
  • CIPS is coming
    • they are bringing food
  • need volunteers for cyber defense

January 8, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald

Members present: Adrian, Chris, Stef, Dave, Ian, Jim, Courtney, Justin, Ron, Alex. Grumpy, Jay, Thor, Jason, Dave, Siu, Colin 0, Ben, Colin 2, Adam


  • still no bill
  • need cheque
  • ABCO quoted 600 for dedicated circuit for drink machine and circuit on pole
  • getting a second quote
  • use as little power as possible
  • turn off lights when you leave
  • Dave2 is bringing in a power meter


  • 40 people attended
  • we are getting money from them


  • 14 people

Virology Lab tour

  • end of Feb or beginning of March


  • need volunteers to take it home

SkSp guidebook

  • by Ian and Siu
  • to be circulated upon its completion

January 1, 2013 - 18:00 @ 374 Donald