Meeting notes (2018)

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December 18, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Christmas package from the Brown family, thank you.
  • Michael bought new fob and cooked the books to amortize the expense over future income.
  • Net worth and memberships continue to grow slowly
  • First Friday on January 4 and there will be cleaning Hackathon then.
  • Movie night this Friday Dec 21. featuring Runaway and iRobot.
  • Coming soon music hack-a-track and/or circuit bending likely in Jan. TBA
  • One more official meeting before AGM.
  • Show and tell

November 27, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Financial update:
    • Membership still climbing slowly
    • Income up slightly and continuing to grow slowly
  • Pinball tournament happened, it was good.
  • Cookies and Community (Entrepreneurial Workshop) coming up this Friday
  • New visitor maintains list of co-working communities (makerspaces, hakerspaces, etc.)
  • AGM in three months
  • Elevator now fixed.

October 30, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 6:02
  • Financials:
    • Holding even. We're gaining more members. The money being made from memberships is now more than the cost of rent
  • Thor will try to stock the snack table, but anyone who finds deals on snacks should buy some. Let a director know or email with the receipt to get reimbursed. We can get all the discount Hallowe'en chip boxes! Canned dinner food is also a good idea.
  • Upcoming events:
    • First Fridays is this Friday! Come on down 5:00 to 9:00 to make the space lively and talk to new people if they come up. This will be a good opportunity to set up our snazzy new vertical banner.
    • November 5th, the Manitoba Pinball League will have a knockout tournament. Tables have already started arriving at the space.
    • Ryan wants to do a circuit-bending night in January.

September 25, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 6:18 start
  • Introductions
  • Financials:
    • about even, this month
    • still chipping away at owed dues
  • Upcoming events:
    • cookie potluck this Saturday
    • Nuit Blanche this Saturday
    • First Fridays at the end of next week
    • cleanup on the first Friday, as well. Come for cleaning and pizza

August 28, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

July 31, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Financial update
    • Holding steady
    • Michael is tracking Hydro usage weekly as of one month ago
    • Some correction regarding insurance payment upcoming
  • Ai-Kon happened
    • Some interest in SkullSpace from Ai-Kon attendees
    • Edwin met Winnipeg chapter of Twitch streamer, might stream event from SkullSpace
    • People liked the 3D pens. Good idea for future away missions
  • Need more SkullSpace business cards
  • is now a thing
  • Our official first First Friday is this weekend 5pm till whenever
  • Movie night Aug 24 featuring Ralph Bakshi's Wizards and Heavy Traffic

June 26, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Financial update
    • Huge expense for Hydro, due to a recent meter reading
    • We recently bought a pushbar for work on the front door, so that's an additional expense
    • Everything else is pretty normal. We have about 60 members
  • Cleaning day next Tuesday with free pizza to those who help
  • First Fridays next Friday. We're technically part of it now, but too late to get on the brochure

May 29, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Financial update
  • 2017 year in review that should have happened at AGM
  • Getting involved with First Fridays are still a good idea

April 24, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • discussions about back parking lot
  • financial report: good, still floating even, month-to-month
  • movie night on the 27th; Wayne's World and then Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • We're ordering a panic bar for our front door
  • meeting suddenly ended when Edwin arrived with a burrito

March 27, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • discussing metadata from texts / Facebook
  • the 3D printer is in Minnesota, should be here soon
  • Edwin made some strides with his driver programming in Rust (he was participating in a "one driver a week" thing)
    • Edwin plans to make a driver for a PlayStation controller
  • Chris constructing his arcade cabinet on Sunday; Pizza and light refreshments
  • financial reports: slight increase. Treading water
  • Colin E. is having a synth event (Mi Casa FB Live recording) on Saturday.
  • Friday the 30th is movies: SpaceBalls and then "Star War the Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West"
  • MGUG is having an OpenStreetMap night on Wednesday the 28th.

AGM, February 27, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • bell rung 6:00pm
  • 16 members present
  • nominees for election to the board of directors:
    • Michael Kozakewich
    • Ryan Wall
    • Stefan Asmundsson
    • Chris Johnson
    • Ben Moulden
  • ELECTION - As there are only five nominees, the board is elected by default
    • year-over-year, we're up a small amount
    • finances are steady due to frequent small events e.g. recent synth event
    • we have a fair amount of unrealized dues i.e. members who owe a few months
    • we need to be more aggressive about handling late dues collections
    • we are at approximately 60 members
      • out of the 60, 7 are in arrears on their dues
    • we have enough members that we are no longer sliding in a downward trajectory
    • current financial synopsis: "treading water"
    • goal: grow enough reserve capital to cover 3 months of expenses
  • general banter:
    • we should market to students more
    • "do we need to name actual officers as per our incorporation??? right now we just have directors."
      • we don't need to have officers, and SkullSpace has none at the moment.
    • Synth Petting Zoo was a success, and netted us about $100
  • bylaw changes - ALL PROPOSALS PASSED!!!!!!
    • amendment 1: Under the section "Application for membership": "If two or more members object to the granting of membership to an applicant, the board must not approve the application for membership." changed to "If two or more members object to the granting of membership to an applicant, the board must reach a unanimous decision if they are to approve the application for membership."
    • amendment 2: Under the section "Membership rights and privileges": "The privilege of bringing one guest at a time to the Hackerspace (other than the workshop within the Hackerspace), as long as they assume responsibility for the conduct and actions of their guest." changed to "The privilege of bringing guests to the Hackerspace in accordance with SkullSpace policies, on condition that they assume responsibility for the conduct and actions of their guests."
    • amendment 3: Under the section "Ceasing to be a member": "Such a membership may be reinstated upon application for reinstatement, which is to processed in the same manner as an application for membership [...]" changed to "Such a membership may be reinstated upon application for reinstatement, which is to be processed in the same manner as an application for membership [...]"
    • amendment 4: Under the section "Filling vacancy": "[...] the vacancy is to be filled at a regular or special meeting of members to be held within one month after the vacancy arose." changed to "[...] the vacancy is to be filled by election at a special meeting of members to be held within one month after the vacancy arose. The election shall operate as described in the "Election of directors" section."
    • amendment 5: Under the section "Application for Membership": "A membership application must be given to a director." changed to "A membership application must be delivered to a director."
    • amendment 6: Under the section "Application for Membership" under the subsection "Other membership obligations": "Every member must subscribe to the SkullSpace announcements email list." changed to "Every member will be subscribed to the SkullSpace announcements email list. A member may only unsubscribe from the list if he or she agrees that any notice sent thereafter to the announcements email list in accordance with this by-law is considered to have been delivered to him or her as well."
  • Recap of 2017
    • A lot happened in 2017!
    • We thought about using our space-improvement funds, and ended up getting some lockers.
    • There was street construction all summer.
    • Manitoba Comic Con in March, Ai-Kon in July.
    • Events all over the place: A small-scale CTF, a lockpicking workshop, Ingress, Papers We Love, another Synth petting zoo. Many nights of Pinball. Summer of SkullSpace with a Bitcoin donation matching system.
    • The space has seen more use during the day, and some other activities like Thor's Friday movie nights.
    • We attempted to hold a special meeting in April to amend our bylaws, but we didn't achieve quorum.
    • We finally got some new keyfobs as we got a large influx of members. Membership reached recent highs of 60, compared to the all-time high of 70. The combination of high member count and reduced rent meant that we were finally breaking even.
    • Michael added an account to amortize those summer insurance fees across the whole year, so that will no longer cause any surprises.
    • Edwin asked the KISS slicer developer for a discount, and they gave us a free licence. We also ordered a new Prusa printer, so our 3D prints have never looked so smooth.
    • Keith built an AR sandbox water table using a Kinect and a projector.
    • Edwin fixed up X-Carl and completed the enclosure, so it's finally ready!
    • Our content strikeforce updated our website to run the X theme on Wordpress, so now we've got a customizable webpage with a blog. Troy took some pictures of the space, and Justin made some page headers out of older photos.
    • Random stuff:
      • Unix time rolled over to 1500000000
      • Lady-with-dog moved out of the unit upstairs

January 30, 2018 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Financial update.
    • Base income roughly equals base expenses, so basically breaking even.
    • Bitcoin donation address is on the website. Mark Jenkins will look into adding and so we can accept other cryptos.
  • Overview of proposed by-law amendments, which will be attached to the AGM announcement email.