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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Software Freedom Day is every year on the third Saturday of the month, which always aligns with our hackathons.

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Any celebration of free software is welcomed. We have two schedualed events for the September 15, 2012 Software Freedom Day hackathon.

Bug Squash a Thon

Squads will be encouraged to give a few lightning talks on progress throughout the day and compete for votes of "best" bug fix by onlookers.

Bug Squashers

  • Mark Jenkins
  • Mark Campbell (Nitrodist)

Nominated bugs

Please nominate free software bugs documented in a public bug tracker. Note that bugs that are easier to reproduce and suitable for a day of hacking are more likely to selected

SuperTux Mega Time Trial

Compete for the fastest time on 5 levels of SuperTux. We'll be using version 0.1.3, aka Milestone 1 or supertux-stable (the package name in newer versions of debian/Ubuntu). It's okay if you have lose a life or a whole set of lifes and have to do a continue, these things just cost you time.

We'll be using the levels from Icy Island in the order they're normally presented.

This event is looking for a volunteer judge to run it and time each competitor. Competitors are welcome to use their own PC but must do so on a projector (lounge or classroom?) for all to see.

Time trials will start at 2pm.