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Created in September 2017. Goals are to:

  • [done] Replace the website with Wordpress to give the website a new look and feel
  • Allow for any member to make blog posts
    • Need to create accounts for all members. This is still being discussed.
  • Improve our social media presence by promoting posting on the new Blog which will also automatically post to the various social media accounts that we have
    • Posting a Blog entry has the ability to also post it on social media. Needs some testing and then needs to be adopted.
    • Improve the new member onboarding process to help retain new members
    • Automatically create member accounts on the blog, etc.

Implementation Dates

  • [done] Website - Go live date of the new WordPress Website was December 22nd, 2017. This was successfully implemented thanks to all the help of members of the strikeforce!



  • #com-strikeforce channel has been created in Slack.
  • Email