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  • To examine the creation and upkeep of strikeforces, in order to determine what procedures must be in place for them to function efficiently
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael
  • So far: I've created this page to make it easy to create a strikeforce in a centralized location.
  • Problems: It still might be a little difficult for leaders to gather the email addresses of everyone interested, which is why I've suggested that people who join should contact the leader. We might be able to fix this by making a forum for strikeforces, so that anyone interested could subscribe to topic updates with a single click.

The wiki is a repository of knowledge (which is great for planning), but cannot be considered a reliable communication medium unless everyone involved agrees to work with it.

AMichael: For example, when planning the meme dinner, no-one checked the wiki. Even with plenty of emails, members of the strikeforce had no idea what was going on. In short, this wiki should be used for information storage and planning only (and some linkability), and not for general communication.

Strikeforces are working groups. The content inside a strikeforce is to be deleted as duties change and events are completed, so it is generally not archivable. Always create proper event pages for events, and create separate informational pages when necessary. This way we can archive those pages after we're finished with them, rather than deleting that content entirely.