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Name: Benjamin Bergman

IRC: benbergman

Twitter: @uberben

Email: ben AT benbergman DOT ca


Project Ideas

  • Electronic piano to keytar conversion (in progress)
  • NES-chucks - Wii nun-chuck used to play NES games (Hack-a-thon 6 project)
  • Adult sized light up shoes
  • OBD module for car
    • Display fuel efficiency
    • Wireless transceiver for remote unlocking (connecting to TI ez430 Chronos watch)
  • PCB mill from old printer(s)
  • Bamboo bike
    • Xtracycle compatible?
    • Electric assist? (ala stoke monkey)
  • Compass belt/anklet
  • Arm wrest mounted split keyboard
  • Homebrew lazer tag
  • Portal themed pinball machine
  • Skully (logo) disc wheels for cycling events
    • Integrated LED POV displays
  • Put something in space orbit
  • Custom bluetooth keyboard
  • Geodesic domes of LEDs and/or buttons

Relevant Links

Open source CNC Toolpathing Workflow