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Tip 1: Edit this page to get style and link tips.

Tip 2: Get to Know Your Settings Tools

The Settings link in your sidebar will take you to the nerve center of your wiki. Here you can customize your wiki and handle administration. Let me introduce you to a few of the tools that people tend to use most often:


  • Special:AllPages - View a sortable list of pages in your wiki
  • See when the last edit was made, and who made it
  • Lock, unlock, or delete pages singly or in bulk
  • Edit page tags


  • View a sortable list of files in your wiki
  • See file details
  • Upload files
  • Delete files in bulk
  • Edit file tags


  • Decide who can view or edit your wiki
  • Manage permissions for individual wiki pages

Tip 3: Linking to other Wiki pages

Borrowed heavily from Wikispaces

A link to the 3d_printer wiki page.