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  • To root through the different ways we can raise money for our space, where that space should be, and any constraints to our operations. This Strikeforce will examine all the numbers and all the options in order to create a clearer picture of the possibilities for everyone else.
  • Leader: Jay
  • Members: Mak, A. Michael, Ron, Jay, Courtney, G Mike, Justin
  • Status: Inactive

Various Income Suggestions

  • Free shirt with a new member sign up ( cost ~$20 )
  • More merchandise options like Hats, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, pins, patches, pens, lanyards, etc
  • Sell merchandise at more events like Comicon, Jimcon, secret handshake, etc.
    • This would be easier with things that aren't purely promotional
  • More donation drives!! Each hackathon set a goal and aim to hit it! ( insert giant thermometer here )
  • Partnerships with RRC, U of W, etc as a place for talks to happen that is off campus.
  • More corporate type / level donations
  • Make personal work/storage space available for a fee
    • (Storage would be above and beyond the small normal member project storage area, of course)

Ideas for the space itself

(Copied raw from Projects)

  • Lockers for members to lock up projects while they are away.
  • Carpool system for anyone who wants to participate.
  • A dropbox for having things shipped to, not everyone can be home to accept UPS deliveries.
  • Member / project pages on the website to show off what we can do.
  • A company credit card for members who don't have one to order parts online with.
  • Bicycle storage (rack or ??)

Ideas for raising money at SkullSpace:

(Copied raw from Projects)

  • Project bounties
    • People can request projects on the website and members can vote on what projects to build.
  • Paid workshops for the public
    • Have 4 hour sessions on the basics of electronics / programing / linux etc. for a small fee per person. Also group rates.
  • DEFCON donation box
  • Drink more soda & buy more food. (we have freezies!)