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What is SkullSpace?

SkullSpace is a hackerspace in Winnipeg. It is a place for hackers, builders, programmers, artists and anybody interested in how stuff works to gather in a common place and help focus and share their knowledge and creativity. Whether members are interested in individual or group projects, and whether they're tackling hardware, software, mathematical, design or any other problems, it's our goal to provide the space, tools, freedom, and education to make it happen.

Our physical presence is 2500 sq. ft. of space on the 2nd floor of 374 Donald Street, right across from the Burton Cummings Theatre in the heart of the Exchange District.

Our legal entity is a non-profit corporation within the province of Manitoba. We have a member-elected Board of Directors who also act as Officers consisting of:

  • Edwin Amsler
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Mark Campbell
  • Michael Kozakewich
  • Thor Robinson

All Directors except Thor can be reached by email at firstname.lastname @ Thor can be reached with only his first name.

In practice our membership operates as a collective, with members being as involved as much as they want to be in the decision making process. See our Bylaws for more information.

Also see our Press coverage.

If you're still unsure what SkullSpace is about, KQED has published a great short video on what hackerspaces offer to the community.

Visiting SkullSpace

We are located on the second floor of 374 Donald Street in Winnipeg. (Google Maps link)

Meetings, which are open to the public, happen every Tuesday at 6pm. You can browse our previous Meeting notes archive to stay updated on what we discuss. Non-members are welcome to drop in!

We also have a variety of events during the week and weekends - see our Calendar for a complete listing!

Contact us/Connect with SkullSpace

We have lots of ways to get in touch us!

The best way to stay informed is by joining our mailing lists. We have two primary lists - announce@ and discuss@. All members and people interested should join announce@ - it's low traffic, with only a couple emails a week about our important events. If you're more interested in the community, join discuss@, which is high volume. Instructions are on the Mailing List wiki page.

Our primary social media outlet is our Twitter page. You can also find SkullSpace on Facebook.

The other online place where you can find us is in our irc channel, #SkullSpace on You'll find constant traffic/discussion there. Kiwi IRC also offers a webchat client here.

SkullSpace also has a Meetup page and a Flickr page.

How do I join?

Easy! First you should show some interest showing up either online or physically as discussed above. If you like what you see, browse the Category:Required Reading category on the wiki, which is the information that every member should know.

Once you've done that, you can apply to become a member! Our membership dues are pay-what-you-can, with a minimum cost of $40/month ($20/month if you're a student). This gets you 24/7 access to the space along with everything else listed on the Member Benefits page. To apply, fill out the membership agreement and, if you choose, pre-authorized debit form. Bring those forms (and a void cheque if you'd like to use pre-authorized debit) to a Tuesday meeting, if you can; otherwise, email info at to make other arrangements.

Your name will be emailed to the announce@ mailing list, and if nobody objects to your membership after two weeks you'll be handed a key.

Can I host events at your space?

The short answer: Absolutely!

If you're hosting an event at the space, you'll need to coordinate with at least one SkullSpace member, for access. We generally don't give keys to non-members. Of course, becoming a member is easy, so you can simply become a member and have full access! See above for info!

As early as possible, the event needs to be put in the calendar and emailed to the discuss@ mailing list (discuss at If it's open to the public, you may also advertise it on the announce@ mailing list, both when it's planned and again shortly before the event as a reminder.

We request that all events at the space be open to SkullSpace members, as the space belongs to us. We also request that you solicit donations for non-members who use our space. We currently don't charge to use our space, but if it becomes popular, and we don't make enough donations to be worth our while, we may start charging non-members.

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