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SkullSpace members occasionally come together to work on special tasks. These strikeforces are usually formed on-the-fly.

See Strikeforce:Meta for more information on Strikeforces, or see Category:Strikeforces for an unabridged list.


SkullSpace strikeforces are fairly casual—we create them any time we want to come together and solve a problem, and they end whenever that problem is solved or becomes too trivial to care about.

To create a strikeforce, add it below with a name, a leader, a description, and a list of members. The leader will be responsible for making sure all members are in the loop, and will be the contact point for anyone else interested in their work.

If you want to join a strikeforce, add your name into the list of members and send the leader a message. Ask some of the other members what's gone on so far.

Strikeforces are working-group scratch pads. The content inside a strikeforce is usually deleted as duties change and events are completed, so it is generally not archivable. Always create proper event pages for events, and create separate informational pages when necessary. This way we can archive those pages after we're finished with them, rather than deleting that content entirely.

Current Strikeforces

(For freshness, newer or updated Strikeforces are closer to the top and will be moved upwards as news comes in.)

Each strikeforce requires a description, a leader, a list of members (which can be empty), and any important notes.


  • Improve our Social Media presence, update the aging website, and put together a new member package.
  • Leader: Wayne
  • Members: Selena, Justin, Colin


Please add any other strikeforces!

Archived Strikeforces

LED Warehouse Anti-Social (2019)

  • Purpose: to throw a killer party
  • Revenue: $4700
  • Expenses: $2800
  • Profit: $1900
  • Leader: Chris Johnson
  • Members: Troy, Mark, Edwin, Colin, Brad, Thor, A. Michael, Benny, and more
  • Success: out of this world

Content Strategy

  • To redesign the information architecture of the SkullSpace wiki (this wiki) and design a proper content management strategy that others can use to update the wiki.
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael, Nate, Phoul


  • To root through the different ways we can raise money for our space, where that space should be, and any constraints to our operations. This Strikeforce will examine all the numbers and all the options in order to create a clearer picture of the possibilities for everyone else.
  • Leader: A. Michael? Ron? Jay?
  • Members: Ron? Jay? Courtney?


  • To organize more events, coordinate scheduling, and increase awareness for events of all kinds.
  • Leader: Alex
  • Members: Alex, A. Michael


  • To assign chores to members, in order to keep the space clean and functional
  • Leader: As required
  • Members: Siu, A. Michael, Dave...
  • Main areas: Kitchen, Fridge, etc
  • Others: Bathroom facilities are periodically cleaned by hired cleaning staff.


  • To announce our existence to the world, and help people find us.
  • Leader: None, at the moment
  • Members: None, at the moment


  • To compile meme-based recipes into a cookbook called "Cook All the Things".
  • Leader: Nate?
  • Members: Nate, Siu, A. Michael


  • To examine the creation and upkeep of strikeforces, in order to determine what procedures must be in place for them to function efficiently
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael

Strikeforce Blade

  • Discussing the merits of a blade server, and potentially pooling some money towards a full set
  • Leader: Chris Kluka (
  • Members: Chris, AMichael, ...[Mark? Etc?]
  • Objective: As a result of the power and heat/cooling requirements, and also a lack of remote monitoring and services modules, SkullSpace would like to aquire or build a mainframe-type system. This system would consist of one(or more) hypervisors hosting one(or more) virtual machines.
  • Possible Scope: Either one large VM server, or a cluster of servers (such as a blade center) to be built/acquired and configured for SkullSpace member access. Key goals include remote system restart, multitenancy, and power usage reduction (compared to the current solution of several individual servers).
  • End Result: A single large VM server is likely to fulfill many of our needs—and use less electricity. A debate may be held in the future to determine how blades or a single server would help us.

Server Room / Networking

  • Members: CStanners, AlexWeber, MarkJenkins
  • Todo:
    • Rack between racks
    • Buy patch cables, install the patch panel, terminate all lines to it
    • make sure all lines are labeled and wikied
    • Enclosed area behind racks so hot air goes outside
    • Put strikes on battery backup or built-in voltage upconverter so the cheap chinese strikes get the 15v they need to work from the 12v supply - I got $3 step-up converter from ebay to fix this.
    • ac/fan situation
    • Get huge ups working or buy another
    • Install electrical lines for UPS, AC
    • put camera in server room?
    • Networking - get cisco switches working as internet-side switches instead of limited dlinks
    • Get public server going with traffic graphs from routers, switches, monitoring of which services are up, alerting on failure.
    • Some type of power/temperature/smoke alerting that can also kill the breaker
    • make sure there's a fire extinguisher, check if there's any possible way to have cheap/safe halon-like system.


  • To plan the SkullSpace Anti-Social in September of 2016.
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael, Thor, Edwin, Troy, Courtney, Nate

Meme Dinner

  • To organize and execute the SkullSpace Meme Dinner on October 20th, 2012.
  • Leader: AMichael
  • Members: AMichael, Nate, Siu


  • To move all the items from 125 Adelaide to 374 Donald during the last week of November 2012.
  • Leader: Mak

Pre-Move Inventory

  • To inventory all large items (or categories of items) prior to the November 2012 move, to determine if they're worth the effort to move.
  • Leader: Siu