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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

To organize and execute the SkullSpace Fundraiser Meme Dinner on October 20th, 2012. The dinner will be made up of items from the Cookbook, Cook All the Things.


Recipe Title Category Diet $/person
Cornified Tamal (Nate) Side Vegan
Taters gonna tate Side Vegan
Salad Fingers made with Like a Balsamic Vinegarette Side Vegan $1.00
Salad with Goatse Cheese Green Salad Vegetarian
I'm twelve and what is this soup (Nate) Soup/Stew Vegan
Sandvich Sandwich $2.40
Very Erotic, Very Violent Deli $1.50
I whip my Angel Hair back and forth with Creepypasta sauce Main Course Vegan $0.80
FUS RO DAL with Nyan Bread Main Course Vegan $?? + $0.35
Imma Firin' Mah Lasagne Main Course Vegetarian $2.00
2-Girls 1-Cupcake Dessert Vegan Alternative
Dramatic Chip Cookies Dessert Vegetarian
Five-minute fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuudge Dessert Vegan Alternative
Chunky Norris Peanut Brittle Dessert Vegan $0.50
Nyaan Bread (If I get time to experiment AMichael) Dessert Vegan $0.50