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This page serves as the index for SkullSpace meeting minutes.

Minutes from previous years

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April 28th, 2020 - 18:00 @ Slack General Channel

  • 6:03: Ratified last-month's minutes
  • 6:06: Financials
    • The net worth is steady, but we will be losing over the next little bit due to member loss.
    • Expenses are pretty flat. Income had quite a bit of food and drink.
    • We earned $40.00 from the coffee machine, this month.
    • Membership slightly down - have not been chasing for dues, though we also haven't heard that anyone is unable to pay.
    • Michael removed members who didn't respond since February and March.
    • Michael will pay a coworking fee for using the fancy desks during April.
    • Our average monthly cost is $2400 ($1890 rent + $210 insurance + $200 utilities + 70 bank)
    • A few scenarios:
      • If literally all money stopped coming in, we'd last about three months.
      • If only our PAD amounts were still coming in, we'd last about six months.
      • If we continued on as usual, but we lost about three or four of our members, we'd be on a sixteen-month slope unless we held fundraisers.
  • 6:31: 3D Printer was making the PETG face mask straps, but clogged. Largely its been operating fine but Edwin will be ordering a replacement bed as the previous one was damaged slightly
  • 6:39: Province to announce opening up again soon in a limited fashion and we will keep people up to date
    • No events, yet, and use space sparingly.
  • 6:40: Need for an IRC bot set up for slack.
  • 6:48: If anyone is having trouble paying dues for April/ May, let Michael know in case we can get reimbursed.
    • Due to the pandemic, we have lost a few hundred dollars and it would be nice if we could get some of that.
    • We might need our members to pay with money from their own government subsidies. That might be how we're supposed to get help from the government for this.
  • 6:56: Thor streamed his movie night. The same might happen next month.

March 31st, 2020 - 18:00 @ Slack General Channel

  • Introductions
  • Last minutes
  • Financials
    • I forgot to arrange some server space with Mark, so instead I made a really long web link for the financial results
    • Net worth is holding pretty steady, all things considered.
    • We outlaid some expenses to get groceries and the like.
    • Our drink and snack income were fairly high, so thank you to Nate for restocking that.
    • Membership is holding steady for now.
    • I didn't collect enough over-dues.
  • Stuff
    • 3D Printer had problems again. It looked overheated. Edwin will take it home to look at it.
    • The half-taken-apart TV is Edwin's.
    • The whole place has pretty much been in stasis
  • COVID-19
    • We're trying to reduce the number of people in the space. So far there have never been more than about six.
    • We just reached 100 cases of the disease in Manitoba.
    • At the time, it could have started doubling every few days, but that's the exact point where the curve-flattening started working.
    • “I can’t go out, I’m washing my hands tonight”
    • We're not locking the space down, but we are urging members to stay home.
    • The ‘modular petting zoo’ is cancelled until further notice.
    • Gatherings of up to 10 people should still be fine.
    • We updated the front page of the website with a message.
    • We'll need to keep on top of lost funds due to cancelled memberships and non-payment. Please talk to Michael K if you need to make arrangements.

February 25th, 2020 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Started 6:00pm
  • Attendance was taken
  • We have quorum. 15 people in attendance, two proxy
  • 6:04: Year in review
    • Movie team paid for the Space and didn't use it. We made $2,000 and they cleaned the windows for us.
    • Two very well received and attended socials. A good mix of a traditional social and our gaming/hangout space.
    • Earned $1,500 for the first and $1,700 on the second.
    • Year-over-year we're doing quite well as far as earnings
    • Presented cashflow, income and expenses from the past 12 months
    • Donations for the tech club $500
    • Helga's donation for our help
  • 6:10: Membership count is currently at 58. Down from 60 last AGM.
  • 6:15: Discussing net worth, how we track what people owe us
  • 6:15: Rent was not sustainable at one point and we re-negotiated. How are we with the landlord.
    • We checked the property value and it was under $400,000. Could we buy the building?
    • We should offer to renew early?
  • 6:20: Revisiting year in review:
    • Tech club occurred in October and November which taught electronics on three separate events.
      • Arduino session, intro to 3D printing, Arduino 7 segment display
      • 15 kids aged ten to sixteen came out.
      • Funding from the city
      • Super success!
    • MGUG events held at least five evenings.
    • YIMBY events held ten meetings.
    • First Fridays have happened.
    • Movie nights have been a grand success.
    • Helped local artist realize their "Shimmer" exhibit
    • Carl (CNC machine can cut metal things now and is much quieter)
    • Began building out an office-like space with the earnings from the first social
      • Two 4K monitors and desks
      • Built a wall
  • 6:30: Discussions about wall building
  • 6:33: Final notes
    • Thor: Participation is important, letting other members have a try
    • Brad: It was a good experience. Recommend it to build a higher profile
  • 6:36: New board decided without a vote.
    • Chris Johnson
    • Kyle Martin
    • Mark Campbell
    • Michael Kozakewich
    • Nate Wild
  • Action item:
    • 3D print something for the tech club contributors
    • Wall builders strike force. Help come build more wall. Next Tuesday March 3rd.

January 28, 2020 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • No introductions needed
  • Previous minutes
  • Financial
    • NYE Social boosted it a bunch
    • We still haven't gotten back up to peak members, so we'd be on a slight downward slope without these fundraisers
    • Everything else is similar. It seems it mostly boils down to membership levels and fundraisers.
  • NYE Social:
    • Got too much alcohol
    • Managed to return most of that
    • In the end we made about $1400, so it was a success
    • More than half our guests used EventBrite
    • We keep on underpricing drinks
    • The downstairs has been leased, so we can't throw any more of this type of social
      • Or can we? It seems the second floor of the adjoining building is still open, so that's an avenue of discussion
  • AGM soon
    • Any bylaws or such need to be in by February 4th.